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Matters of the Mind: To, 2021… Sincerely, 2020

May man and woman be more respectful of one another, may children and elders be able to hit parks again viewing nature and play as valuable privileges

happy new year 2021The year 2021 will be about resilience and overcoming obstacles. (Source: Pixabay)

Welcome, 2021. I am the year 2020, your predecessor, your forerunner, your mother. After a long painful labour, you have finally arrived.

I am unable to promise you a world with no pain, no loss, or despair.

I am the year that will not be forgotten easily. I brought with me destruction, fear, anxiety, and sadness, which is certain to impact you and your successors.

The tone, content, nature, and consistency of this impact rely on you. Whether you choose to use the hardships I imposed as an awakening of some kind or continue to promote the unconscious way of life, depends upon you.

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For decades before me, I observed people take their bodies, families, friends, and gifts of nature for granted. I heard people brag about knowledge, businesses, and travel. I found hearts and homes heavily loaded with conflicts and criticism. I saw discrimination and injustice towards the less privileged. I watched humans devalue everything precious given to them from health and happiness to love and togetherness.

mental health lockdown mental health, lockdown depression, compassion empathy, human touch, indian express Reach out, hold tight: We need to reflect on how to help each other overcome challenges (Source: Getty Images)

Determined and detached, I decided to create some consciousness.

I did everything I could to get humans to feel one, to feel the same emotion irrespective of rags or riches, to redefine health, to review the true meaning of life, and revise some of their old rigid belief systems.


You may critique me forever for my doings, but my goal was ambitious. I had to start from basic reminders such as hand washing and coughing etiquette to more difficult lessons in empathy like partnering in running homes and nurturing children, respecting another’s hardship, and appreciating support. In order to help balance and prioritise amongst the many luxuries people demanded from each other and destiny, I disturbed and destroyed many fantasies, jolting many to focus on their precious reality.

I regret the pain, stress, and disease I caused, but I do believe that there is hope for many things to change for the better.

I believe that I have been the beginning of an era. In suffering and amputated freedom, I saw people wake up, observe and listen to more, touch and hold more, value and acknowledge more, and finally, thank more. Men, women, and children stretched their comfort zones to accommodate and accomplish, push their boundaries to find small joys, make each other smile, value nature, and appreciate the time. I saw people persevere and rebuild. I saw them struggle to learn, enjoy, and value breathing.


Amid the global crisis and struggle to stay afloat, I saw glimmers of hope, awareness, and compassion. And such was my journey and destiny.

Yours begins now. The lessons you wish to retain, new ones you wish to inculcate, and the legacy you wish to leave behind will take the course with a deep-rooted intention, a strong resolve, and consistent conviction in hand-holding suffering towards lessons and growth.

2021, I wish for you to be a year that teaches consciousness, resolve, and restoration for mankind, a year full of the proliferation of happiness and health, for science and spirituality to be accepting of each other, for humans to value inner peace so that what I put Man through, can be a stepping stone in his evolution and enlightenment. May man and woman be more respectful of one another, may children and elders be able to hit parks again viewing nature and play as valuable privileges, may friends love and support more and gossip less, may families accept more and criticise less, may leaders build more than break, may managers mentor more than train and may everyone laugh more than loathe.

I hope, in a few years to come, I will be remembered as a year that changed humanity. That 2020 heralded a phase that changed the way humans see and understand themselves, their desires, their goals and obstacles, the way they achieve health and wellness, and the way they sustain peace amongst chaos.

2021, people fear suffering. They are averse to it. You can help to understand the fact that suffering can lead to wisdom. I wish for you to create awareness, nurture resilience, encourage understanding that suffering is not suffering at all if one changes what they seek, how they see suffering, and what they value.


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First published on: 01-01-2021 at 05:15:26 pm
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