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15 things that are true for any hosteler in India

Life in hostel is fun. But it's a roller coaster ride.

By Sonakshi Kundra

Life in hostel is fun. But it’s a roller coaster ride.

1. “Mess” is actually a mess
What is the first description that comes to your mind, when we talk about Hostel food – Bad, dirty, stale, cold food? You can take your pick but we are sure adjectives like good, delicious, heavenly will not be suitable for the food cooked in Hostel Mess. And you thought we at hostels eat vegetables? No, way! It is a luxury. You might be lucky to witness all the possible gourmet inventions here only if you can stand bhindi and aallu mix (ladyfinger and potato). Also Carrot and Bottle Gourd Raita. Now a ‘GK’ question – Which is the most common thing you see in mess? Yes we all know the answer. It has to be nothing else but hostel’s national vegetable “Potatoes”. You get them anytime, anywhere and everywhere.

What is the first description that comes to your mind, when we talk about Hostel food – Bad, dirty, stale, cold food. (Source: labsaints.com)

2. We survive on “Maggi”

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Maggi is our life-line. You can atleast claim you can cook something. Not just cook but you become an expert of sorts. You can even beat famous DU- Tom Chacha’s Maggi by creating your own special Maggi. Maggi is so important for us hostelers that it invariably becomes our birthday cake. Yes, we do cut Maggi instead of cake on our birthdays.

Maggi is our life-line

3. We are Chai-holics

Tea is the way of our life. You become such a tea lover that you know locations of different chai tapris/tea points at every corner around your hostel. Today’s toll: 15 cups and still counting…

Tea is the way of our life. (Source: aapplemint.com)

4. Party is our hostel anthem.

It’s our anthem – “we work hard and party harder”. ‘Shhhhh! there is an amazing free bar service in hostel with trance, EDM’s, desi bollyood music at high loud amplifiers.’ You think it disturbs rest, may be but..who cares really? You don’t even know but you become masters of conning, jugad and masti. Party time! But wait, why are we even partying? Dude, we don’t need any particular reason to party. It could be from breakups to buying a handkerchief. We can party anytime, all time.

We work hard and party harder (Source: Thinkstock Images)

5. You are surely victims of insomnia


Imagine you are staying with so many people , you have so much to do, so how can you sleep? Actually one common question asked by many is – when to sleep? At lectures obviously (I’m assuming like me you study only before exams). Nights are fun in hostel, where you gossip, play games, and party.

6. You become a “philosopher”.
Doesn’t matter in which field you are doing graduation, by default, you will end up becoming an expert in philosophy. You get free training in developing your skills in giving advice to the lovelorn people or broken hearts, Warnings, Lectures….the list is long. There is a love guru, solution queen in every hostel.

7.We wear pajamas in college like a boss!

Your new dress code: pajamas, night suits, chappals (flip-flops). You will wear this only for days and even weeks.

8. We believe in “sab moh maya hai”

You become so down to earth. You know the condition of your purse. So Cold-drinks, milk, cakes, fruits are luxury for us.

9. People consider us unhygienic
And yes we proudly admit it because it’s a fact. Even bathing is considered to be one of the toughest task.

10. Study…?


Parents think we are studying…dhokha hai. Study is the last thing we do in hostel. We just study a day before our finals like engineers.

11. WIFI is everything

We become such a pro at digital media. We exploit it to the core. It is used for everything – Free downloads, Skype, Viber, Movies, TV series, Facebook, You Tube. It keeps us updated about the outer, real world.

12. It is a social lounge


You meet so many people from different corners of world that by the end of it you learn an alien language.

13. We learn to manage expenses

The real value of money is realised after experiencing hostel life. You are mostly low at pocket. Gradually you switch to 10 Rs coffee and CCD, Mocha’s are just in your dreams.


14. Home, sweet home
One develops a caring and a loving nature by staying away from family, friends, luxuries and comforts. You miss yummy food specially “ma ke hath ka ghar ka khana” (home’s food).

And last but not the least…

15. You become responsible
You become independent, you get up by your own, wash your utensils and clothes. We learn many good things like we can adjust to all situations. We become more careful and responsible human-beings.

There are many things that you learn in school and college, but the true learning experience comes from leading a hostel life. “Hostels are fun”

(The writer is presently pursuing BJMC from I.P. College, Delhi University. Views expressed are personal)

First published on: 08-12-2014 at 18:12 IST
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