Why this international music artist turned a fashion designer

What's it that connects music and fashion. Probably art. International music artiste DJ Arjun Vagale feels the combination of music, fashion and art inspire his creations.

Written by Rishabh Raj | New Delhi | Updated: June 3, 2015 11:16:18 am
arun-main DJ Arjun Vagale

What’s it that connects music and fashion. Probably art.  International music artist DJ Arjun Vagale feels the combination of music, fashion and art inspire his creations. He recently collaborated with Kulture shop, an online shopping platform that ropes in many music artists and graphic designers for exclusive, limited and unique t-shirt art pieces under the category Katalyst Music Collection.

DJ Arjun who was recently in town for a gig, interacted with Indian Express Online about the collaboration and his ‘minimalistic’ design aesthetics.

Can you talk about the collaboration with Kulture shop, how did it happen?
I’ve actually been speaking with the Kulture Shop crew about a collaboration for a while now, and we thought doing something as part of the Katalyst Music Collection would be the perfect partnership in terms of design and ideas.

What was in your mind when you accepted the proposal?
As always, I have a very strong design aesthetic, which is what I wanted the T Shirt & print to portray.


Talking about the collection, share what it is all about and your inspiration behind the collection.
The design is based around minimalism, less is more and simple geometric patterns. For me my music has always been the inspiration.

Working on art and fashion and relating it with music world, how you made the relation? Was it easy for you to get into it?
It was all fun and I lived the moment. Fashion, art and music, its all related in my head. Its an ideology about making a statement.

Are you fashionable at heart in terms of fashion and style? What is your personal style pad all about?
I do have a strong design aesthetic, and having said that, I do think I have my own style. I dont follow trends – lean towards darker colors, and my wardrobe is predominantly blacks and whites.

Association with Aniruddh Mehta, what made you work with him and how both of you proceed with the concept?
Aniruddh and me share a lot of the same design ideas, so it was very easy for us to collaborate. We pretty much nailed the design idea in a few days, and then he took it forward and finished it. I’m extremely happy with what we’ve done as it’s unique.

What fashion and music means to Arjun as an artist, and how he relates it with the real world?
Like I said, it goes hand in hand. In the end it’s all art, and I am an artist.

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