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Friday, September 24, 2021

Happy Perfume Day 2018: What is perfume layering and how to go about it

While spraying your favourite perfume on your neck and wrists is the most common form of applying perfumes, you can make it long lasting by layering different scented products. Perfumers share quick tips on how to do it right.

Written by Sukanya Nandy | New Delhi |
Updated: February 17, 2018 10:48:37 pm
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When one thinks about applying fragrance, the first thing that comes to mind is to spray an eau de parfum a couple of times on the neck or wrist. But why just spray at one area or why even stick to one perfume, when new trends dictate that you can create a long lasting impression by layering several scented products or mixing two or three perfumes together and have a signature of your own.

Perfumers Manan Gandhi, owner of Bombay Perfumery and Rajiv Sheth, creative director of All Good Scents, give us some quick tips on how to get layering right and increase longevity of scents.

The basic step is to decide your fragrances
“First, you need to understand what are the basic notes that you like, be it floral, woody or spicy. Then it’s important to realise that just because you like two fragrances individually doesn’t mean they will work together. So it takes a little bit of experimentation and try a couple of different combinations.” says Gandhi.

He further adds, “one important thing while selecting a perfume is to see how long it will last. People may spray one or two perfumes and decide immediately whether they like it or not based on the top most smell they get. But they need to see how long is it lasting and see how the fragrances are programming.”

Find other products of your favourite fragrances
Not only mixing two perfumes, you can try various other fragrance products from a shower? gel and a soap to even a moisturiser. Sheth says, “People can try and find extensions of products of their favourite fragrance product as in products, which have the same fragrance. For example, if the same fragrance is available in an after-shave for men or a body milk, moisturising cream or a shower gel.”

Steps for beginners
The general steps include using bathing oils, cleansing with a scented shower gel followed by a body cream or lotion as it provides base for the scent. After that you can apply your favourite eau de toilette. Men can further apply a slightly scented shaving lotion or cream.

Even if you’re not layering from a particular fragrance’s own body range since every brand may not have all the products, you can try using products that share common notes. For instance, if your cologne has a woody smell or floral smell, you can complement it with similar products rather than using different scents.

“From the morning ritual of hygiene like a shower or body spray, try and continue to have the same fragrance throughout the day. For example, in the morning if you are going for jogging, you can put a body mist or a deodorant and then if the same fragrance is available in a moisturising product or in a body milk, you can apply after shower and then go on to use your perfume. That way, the fragrance will last for a longer time”, says Sheth. He goes on, “You can spray perfume on your hair as it helps retain the perfume for a longer time period.”

Fragrance cocktailing
Fragrance cocktailing means mixing different perfumes together and forming your own unique scent. That way you can create your fragrance as well. You can mix a fruity scent with a floral one to create a refreshing smell or can mix a woody with a spicy scent to make it more earthy, says Sheth. But he further adds that there’s no particular rule as to which fragrances to mix and you need to keep on experimenting your favourite perfumes.

Tips to make your scent last
Gandhi explains why is it necessary to know about ingredients of a perfume. “The lasting is basically based on the ingredients you are using. So it’s important to know about the ingredients of the fragrances you are using. For example, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, these type of ingredients are heavy in mollitude and last longer. While orange, lemon and lime, they react to the atmosphere very fast and dissisipate, hence they don’t last longer. So people need read up on the ingredient to know which will last longer.”

Things to keep in mind while combining fragrances
“There is no rule of combining fragrances. For example, you can always mix a floral with woody or spicy, a fruity with musky but there are also fragrances which are totally different and clashes each other. For example, you can’t combine two strong fragrances. You can use one which is stronger and one which is lighter that don’t counteract each other too much.”, says Gandhi.

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