Top 10 beauty vloggers you should definitely follow

It's never too late to learn the fine art of make-up. Follow these beauty vloggers to master it.

Written by Niharika Bhullar | New Delhi | Updated: May 31, 2016 7:45:31 pm
beauty, beauty vloggers, makeup artists, youtubers Being your own makeup artist and hairstylist is what makes every woman’s life easier. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

There’re no two ways about it; women bond over makeup. For many, it’s the harbinger of change, of new found friendships, business empires, and even powerful blogs. The latest addition to this is YouTube beauty vloggers, lovely people who like to share open secrets and beauty tips and tricks. Are they as powerful and influential as someone like Anna Wintour or Alexa Chung in the fashion industry? Not really, but they are no less and have a huge fan following of their own. We need them in our lives and we need them bad; to brush up on our techniques and learn the fine art of make-up.

For all you beginners out there, here is a list of ten beauty vloggers from all across the globe. Not only will they help you with everything you need to know but will also make you confident about playing around with a wide range of colours and looks.

Easy Neon: Diana Curmei a.k.a Easy Neon is a 23-year-old Moldavian. Diana inspires everyone to want to learn make-up, not particularly as a profession but to learn it for themselves.

Why should you be a follower: Natural makeup, party makeup especially highly pigmented eyes, Halloween-themed make-up and eye make-up like smokey eyes are her forte.

Goss Makeup Artist: Wayne Goss a.k.a Goss Makeup Artist is a beauty vlogger in London who runs two YouTube channels. One is under the name Wayne Goss and the other is goss makeup chat. He also has an experience of 15 years in the industry.

Why should you be a follower: For make-up tips and tricks like the right blending techniques and buffing, product reviews like mascara’s, makeup brushes and more.

Huda Beauty: Huda Khattan is the owner of the brand Huda Beauty in Dubai and their most famous product worldwide is the Huda beauty false lashes collection. She, along with two of her sisters, runs a renowned salon in Dubai.

Why should you be a follower: If you are in for makeup tutorials like her signature look which is defined cheeks with thick brows, lots of lashes and overdrawn lips, product reviews on foundations and eyelashes, skincare and haircare regime, and also a lot of fun stuff like blindfolded makeup challenges, then you will love it.

Leyla Rose: Leyla is a 20-year-old make-up artist living in London. She loves experimenting with colours and also interacting with her subscribers.

Why should you be a follower: Game for make-up looks especially spring make-up, product reviews for drug store make-up, make-up haul, hairstyling and Q/A rounds? This is the place to be.

Shawna Truong: Shawna Truong is a beauty vlogger living in Canada. She loves experimenting with new make-up products and various cosmetic brands.

Why should you be a follower: Make-up tutorials for small eyes, unboxing new products from different cosmetic brands, skincare regime, hairstyling, celebrity inspired looks like Kendall Jenner, lookbooks and product giveaways, she does it all.

Carli Bybel: Carli Bybel lives in New Jersey and likes to call herself ‘The beauty Bybel’. She is one of the most famous beauty vloggers who literally depicts every part of her life through her YouTube channel.

Why should you be a follower: For fashion hauls, hairstyles, make-up looks with bold lips, recycle week tutorials, new product launches, interactive sessions with her subscribers and a lot more. Need more reasons?

Elanna Pecherle: Elanna Pecherle is a beauty fanatic living in Canada.

Why should you be a follower: Glam make-up with glitter eyes, subtle eye make-up with shades of brown, hair tutorials, celebrity inspired looks like Gigi Hadid, everyday make-up looks, ‘get ready with me’ talk-through tutorials, bridal series, interesting contests, lookbooks and product reviews are her forte.

Queenii Rozenblad: Queenii Rozenblad lives in the US and is famous for her make-up as well as skincare related videos. A few of her videos have gone viral. Her makeup looks could really inspire dark skinned individuals.

Why should you be a follower: For fashion make-up, photoshoot make-up, DIY videos for nail polish, make-up tips and tricks like ‘how to achieve the perfect brows’ and skincare related videos.

The Makeup Chair: The Makeup Chair is run by Sinead Cady, who is the most subscribed YouTuber/ Beauty Vlogger, living in Ireland. Sinead is also an author of The Makeup Chair Handbook and creates new videos every Monday at 6pm for each chapter.

Why should you be a follower: For make-up lessons on every look you desire and talk-through tutorials, celebrity make-up inspired looks like Nina Dobrev and Khloe Kardashian, and product reviews on eye shadow palette and contour kits, and recommendations.

Aurora AmorPorElMaquillaje: Aurora is a Beauty Vlogger from Spain. Since most of her videos are in Spanish, it gets a little difficult for the viewers to interpret what she is trying to portray but if you check out her videos, you will realise that she is truly talented.

Why should you be a follower: Check out her party make-up, glam make-up, photoshoot make-up, everyday looks, product reviews on eyeshadow pigments and hairstyling techniques and then we will talk.

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