You won’t believe how much Taylor Swift’s ‘touristy’ look costs

You won’t believe how much Taylor Swift’s ‘touristy’ look costs

Taylor Swift was recently named New York City's 'Global Welcome Ambassador'. To look the part, Swift curated a look complete with a hoodie, shorts and ankle-length boots and it costs a little over Rs 2 lakh.

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Taylor Swift’s entire ensemble will cost you a little over Rs 2 lakh. (Source: taylorswiftdotcom/Instagram)

When in Rome do as the Romans do. This often quoted saying has been followed by many but pop sensation Taylor Swift took it to the next level! Named New York City’s ‘Global Welcome Ambassador’, Swift wanted to look the part and she picked up a pink hoodie and denim shorts that she styled with leopard boots and a Louboutin backpack for effect.

Now, this might be the most expensive touristy look ever as the hoodie that looks just like any other regular hoodie with “I heart NY” written on it costs $895 (approximately Rs 62,000). We wish she had picked up something else from Balenciaga.

But this is just the tip of the icerberg. The curation of the ‘perfect tourist look’ costs much more than Rs 2 lakh. The denim shorts from Alexander Wang costs $295 (Rs 21,000 approximately). her Louboutin backpack, slung rather casually comes for $1,095 (Rs 76,000 approx). Not to forget her shoes, the leopard print boots from Guiseppe Zanotti cost $648 (Rs 46,000 approximately).

In case you are reluctant to do the math, let us do it for you. The entire look, if you wish to emulate, will cost you a bit more than Rs 2 lakh.

What is your opinion on the ensemble? Did you think she nailed the touristy look? Could you have done it better? Let us know in the comments below.