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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

T-shirt with cut-outs to baguette bags: Bizarre fashion trends of 2020 that left us confused

We came across some really bizarre fashion trends this year; check them out here

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | December 22, 2020 10:00:42 am
bizarre fashion trendsThe year 2020 saw a series of weird fashion items. (file)

A lot of us may have spent the entire year at home in our pyjamas but that did not deter fashion brands from coming up with new creations and collections. Like every year, 2020 also saw significant developments in fashion, from work-from-home clothes to the much-talked-about ‘vote’ merchandise. But amid it all, we came across some really bizarre fashion trends that left us speechless. Let us take you through some of those:

Inflatable latex trousers: In February 2020, menswear designer Harikrishnan grabbed eyeballs when he made models walk the ramp in inflatable latex trousers, at a showcase at the London College of Fashion. And the latex panels came in various colours, from white to a combination of white and brick red and mint green.

latex trousers Inflatable latex trousers by Harikrishnan. (Source: harri_ks/Instagram)

Men’s tee with holes: Adding to the list of bizarre trends, fashion brand ASOS came up with a new navy tee for men, except with strange cut-outs around the midriff area on either side. Netizens, of course, were baffled on seeing the unlikely location of the holes on the slim-fit tee.

Grass-stained denim: Unclean, stained pants turned out to be fashionable when Gucci launched a blue jeans variety for men with fake grass stains around the knee area. And the denim pants were priced at a whopping Rs 56,500.

Potato sack pants: Netizens lost calm when Arun Bothra, an IPS officer, posted a picture of a unique kind of flared trousers made with jute bags. In fact, the pants even featured markings in blue ink as seen commonly on vegetable sacks.

Baguette bag: Yes, you read that right! Luxury Italian brand Moschino recently launched a bag that looked exactly like a baguette (a long, thin loaf of French bread). That is not all — the brand also came up with a sister clutch resembling a croissant.

Inverted sunglasses: If grass-stained pants were not enough, Gucci went ahead to add yet another bizarre fashion item to its list — “upside-down” ‘Cat Eye’ sunglasses that cost around  Rs 45,800! Netizens clearly could not believe their eyes.

Towel gown: Like everything else, the “new normal” seemed to have inspired innovative fashion ideas, just like the towel gown launched by House of Fraser. Made of sustainable bamboo, the towel gown resembled an appropriate red-carpet dressing gown, featuring a train, thick lapels, and bell sleeves.

towel gown, bizarre fashion The towel gown went viral. (Source:

Damaged black stockings: Once again, Gucci went overboard by selling what it called “black distressed tights” or simply ripped stockings. Weirdly enough, the latest fashion item sold out in no time. Check out the cost:


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Gloved satin bolero jacket: Netizens were horrified on seeing this new garment featuring a jacket with obnoxious gloves attached to it, with many describing the look as “murder dress” to “nightmare”, and so on. This gloved red satin bolero jacket on Nordstrom is not cheap either; it costs $740 (Rs 54,803).

Would you ever care to own any of these items?

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