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8 shades of lipsticks you should try out this summer

Don't know which lipstick shade is the best for you? Try these 8 lip shades to enhance your pout.

Most women prefer light shades during summers but if you are feeling adventurous enough you can go for pastels shades like Aishwarya or bright shades like the one worn by Deepika.
Most women prefer light shades during summers but if you are feeling adventurous enough you can go for pastels shades like Aishwarya or tangerine reds like the one worn by Deepika.

Want to have the best pout ever? Exfoliating and moisturising your lips might help but admit it, there’s no charm in it minus a nice lip shade. A nice shade can instantly change your look from drab to fab and going by trends, it seems that more and more ladies are going for lipshades for a complete look.

“Girls don’t like to put so much of eye makeup, therefore, a simple yet glamorous lipstick just brightens your whole look. Well, lipsticks are easy to carry and matte finished lipsticks are the best as it stays upto 8-10 hours and they do not smudge at all. Interestingly, girls love to match their lipstick shades with their nail paints, whereas a corporate woman goes for more neutral colours,” says Vinni Bhatia, professional makeup artist, M.A.C, New Delhi.

Ganga Joshi, beauty advisor, Sephora, New Delhi. agrees, “Lipsticks define your lips and enhance your beauty which in turn changes your personality as a whole. To get a summery look, try some cool colours and cool shades of lipsticks which are the best for this time as it just brightens your face.”

Here are 8 lipstick shades to try out this summer:

1 Relentlessly Red Lipstick_Flickr_Stéphanie LivinglavidaNL_759
Try out this bright relentlessly red lipstick this summer. (Source: Flickr/Stéphanie LivinglavidaNL)

1) Relentlessly Red: Want to look glamorous and stylish? Well, then relentlessly red is the colour for you. This is a bright pinkish and reddish coral matte or retro matte lipstick and is perfect for both parties and casual evening outs.

2 Ruby woo Lipstick_Flickr_Agustina De Veras_759
Ruby woo lipstick shade for the perfect pout. (Source: Flickr/Agustina De Veras)

2)Ruby Woo: Do you often crave for that blood-red colour lipstick which is not too dark nor too light in colour? Try out the most popular lipstick shade from M.A.C., the ruby woo, which is appropriate for any age. This universal lipstick shade is very matte vivid blue-red in colour and stays upto 8 hours.

3 Velvet Teddy Lipstick_Flickr_Olivia Gomez_759
To get a subtle look, apply velvet teddy lipstick. (Source: Flickr/Olivia Gomez)

3) Velvet Teddy: A deep-tone beige and pinkish lipshade, it is perfect for Indian skin tones. One of the best things about this shade is that it goes with all kinds of make-up, especially with smoky eyes and is perfect for both day and night wear.

4 Kinda sexy Lipstick_Flickr_jennyai_759
To beat this heat, try kinda sexy lipstick. (Flickr/jennyai)

4) Kinda Sexy: Tired of applying those flavoured pink lip balms? This summer, try out this lipstick shade offered by M.A.C. called kinda sexy, a neutral pink rose or a beige pink matte finish lip colour. It is best for those who have light skin tones and looks great when paired with dark eye make-up.

5 Mehr Lipstick_Flickr_Uae Beauty_759
A hydrating mehr lipstick is perfect for your lips as it stays intact for almost 5 hours. (Flickr/Uae Beauty)

5) Mehr: Mehr lipstick was launched by Bollywood makeup artist Mickey Contractor. He launched this shade especially for Indian skin tones. Mehr is a dirty blue pink or a neutral pink matte finish shade, which is really creamy and smooth when applied. This shade stays on for 5 hours and does not dry out your lips.

6 Whirl Lipstick_Flickr_Kamelia Tajabadi_759
Whirl lipstick is best for those who have medium and fair skin tones. (Source: Flickr/Kamelia Tajabadi)

6) Whirl: A beautiful lipstick shade for everyday wear, whirl is a dirty rose matte finished lipstick. With a hint of light brown dusty rose shade, it is perfect for medium and fair-skin tones. Moreover, this shade is creamy and does not dry your lips.

7 Heroine Lipstick_Flickr_Magpie132_759
A bright purple matte finish heroine lipstick gives your face a fresh look. (Source: Flickr/Magpie132)

7) Heroine: Want to make a bold style statement? Then heroine lipstick shade is the best for you. It is a bright purple matte finish lipstick, which is formulated to shade, define and highlight the lips.

8 Crosswires Lipstick_Flickr_gillian_759
Want a beautiful shiny appearance on your lips? Then try out crosswires cremesheen finished lipstick which will enhance your pout even more. (Source: Flickr/gillian)

8) Crosswires: A clean pink orange, cremesheen finish lipstick, crosswires has a decent longevity and stays upto 4-5 hours. Glossy finish, no fading away and the buttery formulation leaves your lips looking moisturised with a faint coral shade.