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Friday, August 19, 2022

Sherlock of the Style World

Actor Lianne Texeira talks about her online fashion detective series, Alisha.

Alisha, Lianne Texeira, fashion, fashion detective series, gucci, gaultier, talk Lianne Texeira in a still from Alisha

Alisha is clever, sassy and doesn’t care what people think of her. They probably have a bad sense of fashion anyway and wouldn’t know a Gucci from a Gaultier.
Or worse, they leave home without kaajal. Perhaps they don’t think that anyone will notice, but Alisha observes everything. She’s a fashion detective.

“No, it’s not a real profession”, Lianne Texeira says with a laugh. She adds, “It’s a figment of my imagination, born out of a love for Agatha Christie and fashion.” Texeira both created as well as plays the character of Alisha from the web series of the same name, which started beaming on December 4. The character of Alisha is a Goan-Mumbaikar living in Bandra. As a consulting detective for the fashion industry, she solves small crimes alongside her best friend Tania, played by Sara Hashmi.

Alisha is sharp and creative in a backdrop of high fashion glamour, a refreshing combination. Each episode is about a different crime that Alisha has to solve. Backstabbing, high-climbing friends, designer foes and missing vintage purses have all made appearances.

Texeira feels that Alisha is an extension of her own personality. Many aspects of Alisha’s life are drawn from her own. For instance, Alisha, like Lianne, misses the US, where she went to university. But she also wouldn’t give Mumbai up for the world. “I’ve always known that I wanted to come back,” says Texeira, adding, “I have always wanted to work in Bombay and nowhere else”. Once she came back, three years ago, she started her blog, Mermaids Wear Mascara, worked on a few fashion films, wrote a couple of articles, and began dreaming up Alisha.

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“I was indifferent to whether it would work out or not,” says Texeira. “I just had so much fun writing the series. Worst comes to worst, I thought I would just put it up on my blog. But one day, I pitched it to the digital media company Culture Machine, and that was the beginning. They loved it and got everyone on board.”

The series is directed by Akanksha Seda, and each 20-minute episode takes three days to shoot, in locations across Mumbai, both in studios and outdoors. Texeira is now thinking of writing a novel based on Alisha.

She has a few tips for those thinking of starting a fashion blog. “Don’t write about something everyone else is already doing. Avoid covering famous artists and designers. And follow your instincts and personal style; like Alisha, don’t follow trends. Be honest to your art,” she says.


Alisha airs on BLUSH channel on YouTube. A new episode is released every Friday

First published on: 04-01-2016 at 12:05:52 am
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