And now there are matching CAT MANICURES!

And now there are matching CAT MANICURES!

Pet owners around the world are now matching their nail paint and nail art with that of their cats, and it looks absolutely adorable, as long as they're using either non-toxic nail caps or similar nail stickers that won't harm the claws.

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From glitter purple to rad red, cat owners are going all out to match their pet cats’ claws with their own. (Source: Instagram)

There are times we take matching fashion trends a tad bit too far, and this is probably one such instance. After Mother-daughter matching dresses, not to forget the age-old tradition of siblings – especially twins – being dressed alike, we now have fashion conscious pet owners getting their cat’s paws manicured and painted to match their own!

No kidding!

Though there is very basic problem with this trend, which is that nail polish should not be used on the claws of your pets because of the polish’s toxicity. However, there is a way out and doting pet owners have embraced with with perfectly manicured hands – nail caps. People have found out these nail caps to attach to their cat’s claws and then get matching nailpaint.

Adorable, you say? Darn right it is.

Soon we had people tweeting out and Instagramming photos of matching manicures of their nails with that of their pets, and others were quick to join in on the trend.

Take a look at some of the photos here.

Purple glitter anyone?


Golden glow


Then there were those who opted for nail stickers and put them on just long enough that they could take a picture.


A Japanese influence here.


And here are some more variations.

So, what do you think of this new trend? Would you want to get matching manicured with your kitty cat? After all, if we do it with our besties, it’s only logical that we’d want to match with our darling pets, now, wouldn’t we? For many, they are their best friends.

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