Making a green statement: Tips to become an eco-friendly fashionista

Before buying new clothes, shoes, cosmetics and other accessories find out what they are made of.

Written by Keshav Chaturvedi | Updated: September 15, 2014 6:20:09 pm
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Today many of us especially the youngsters invest a lot in their appearance. “It costs a bomb to keep up with times,” is the common refrain. But looking fashionable can also be fun without hurting your pocket.

To achieve this goal the green citizens like you should redefine the definition of fashion. Fashion according to dictionary means “a manner of doing something”.

So instead of following something which is already in vogue do something new. Before buying new clothes, shoes, cosmetics and other accessories find out what they are made of.

In the western nations many cosmetic manufacturers have stopped using palm oil from Indonesia as its cultivation is destroying the pristine rain forests in the country. Similarly, many consumer groups have voluntarily stopped wearing animal skin clothes.

The companies who make them are feeling the heat of consumer activism. Efforts are being made to produce leather goods from the hide of those animals that died a natural death.

Back in our country we can learn from such global initiatives by being more aware of what we buy and who we promote when we spend our money. Start a green fashion trend. To begin with wear cotton as much as you can. This is a natural and bio-degradable fibre. Polyesters and acrylics have a lot of plastic in it and are also not good for the health of your skin.

Decrease plastic content from your accessories list. Increase your awareness about the companies that make fashion accessories. See if they employ child labour or are guilty of polluting their environment. In such a case shun their products. Look for alternatives. You will be amazed how many you will find. If there aren’t any alternatives available or they are beyond your reach then shun the product. Learn to live without them. It would be a liberating experience.

Become a fashionista, whose fashion choices make a statement of awareness about her surroundings. Let people know that you have stopped such and such brand or a new clothes line because they don’t fit into your idea of sustainability. People will start respecting you for your uber cool and environmentally sustainable approach to fashion.

Keshav Chaturvedi is a media professional for the last 23 years. Recently the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s publication division brought out his book – Climate Change Negotiations: An Assessment.  He was also the content head of the renewable energy magazine Energy Next brought out by IREDA. Presently he writes for the Financial Chronicle (the financial paper of Deccan Chronicle) and is the consulting editor at He also maintains a regular blog on sustainable development issues 

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