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I wanted to slow down the rush of life, Designer Prashant Verma on his comeback at AIFW SS’16

The designer, who made a comeback on ramp after five years, travelled and attended theatre workshops in India and abroad during his break.

Designer Prashant Verma (left), his collection at recently concluded AIFW.
Designer Prashant Verma (left), in character of an old man at recently concluded AIFW.

Designer Prashant Verma who made a comeback after five years of break at the recently concluded Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016 (AIFW SS’16), settled down for a relaxed chat at Perch, Khan Market with Rishabh Raj. About his comeback, he said “the only truth that existed on day 5 of AIFW at MSA-2 was everybody was 5 years older since 2010 when I did my last show.”

The designer travelled and attended theatre workshops in India and abroad, in the last five years. “I had nothing planned or scripted in my mind, all I did was to allow myself to flow with the thought process in a carefree manner,” says the designer when asked about his absence from the ramp for such a long time.

With a deep inclination towards theatre and performing arts when Prashant took off from the runway five years back, he never thought it would be so long. He recalls, “When I did my last show in 2010, I knew I had shown what all I had to and it was the correct time to move and explore my inclination towards theatre and acting.”

After the years he spent away from the ramp, doing things he was inclined to, the 30-year-old Prashant realised “whatever we do, it will always have consequences” and he realised he could merge his two passions. He says, “When I took the break, I realised that whatever we do in life, it will always have a consequence. There is nothing like good or bad, but just a consequence. This time when I decided to do this show, I did not care about it (consequences) and then the thought of merging the two art forms came in my mind.”


Sharing his experience of amalgamating theatre act with fashion collection at AIFW SS’16, the versatile designer says, “I am thankful to the show choreographer, Anu Ahuja, who took it as a personal call and helped me to keep it a secret till the time I was on stage. She not only helped me to use her cabin to prepare myself for the act but also showed her immense confidence in my vision of amalgamating the two art forms. Apart from her, my brother and two of my closest friends had been supportive enough to be my guide during past 61 days, since I got the confirmation call from FDCI.”

For Prashant ramp has always been like an amphitheatre and that is the reason it came to the floor where he wanted the audience to flow with it and interpret it in their own way. “The only thing I insisted and it really worked was the silence. I wanted to slow down the rush of life and let the audience feel the surrounding and understand that it is not always about chasing your dreams and aspirations, but also about understanding the time where you stand. In simpler way the character was much more factual in content and had no fantasy attached to it”.

Today when we have no space for time, Prashant made an effort to bring it to the attention of audiences and states, “The old man character was an open ended message for the audiences, at the same time for me it was an assimilation of varied characters that I have been working on for the past two years which had an essence of time, aging, nostalgia and I think fashion is also about the same.“

Fashion has varied meaning and interpretation. For the 30-year-old designer who has been working in the industry for long, it has a deeper impression of time and nostalgia. He says, “There can be various interpretation to fashion, but at the end of the day it is about time and nostalgia. The body work we show is not the future or past but an idea of that era which has a flavor of energy or fantasy to it.”

Creating a balance of all his passions in life is one of the prime agenda for Prashant. “I don’t know, what future holds for me, all I have in mind is to do justice to all creative fields that I love working with.” Ask him about his future plans to continue with designing and acting, pat comes the reply, “For designing it’s too early for me to say anything, but acting will always be in top priority as professional career.”

With his other interests that include poetry writing, Prashant is working on a book that will be out next year. “I am working on a book on poetry that will be again a collection of thoughts. At present I am in talking terms with publishers and once things are fixed will be making an official announcement.”