Have you heard of embroidery tattoo? Well, just like armpit tattoo, it is a thing nowhttps://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/fashion/have-you-heard-of-embroidery-tattoo-well-just-like-armpit-tattoo-it-is-a-thing-now-5689061/

Have you heard of embroidery tattoo? Well, just like armpit tattoo, it is a thing now

The fashion world gets bizarre with each passing day but thankfully, the severity is bearable this time. With embroidery tattoo doing the rounds, we are left wondering: what's next?

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Embroidery tattoos are doing the rounds on Instagram right now. (Photo: Instagram)

There was a time when armpit tattoos were one of the hottest and probably the sweatiest trend in ink. But every year there is something new that catches people’s attention, and this year, it is the embroidery tattoo. So what exactly is an embroidery tattoo? For starters, it looks like an embroidery tapestry, which is created to mimic a cross-stitch texture. The 3D effect is so good that it actually looks like the design is sewn into the skin.

The contrast of the black ink and outlines play a huge part in making it look like embroidered illusions, along with the range of colours. Does it take more time to get inked than regular watercolour ones? Well, completing the artwork may take hours or multiple sittings but it all depends on the size of the design, where you want it and your tolerance for pain.

We are not sure how long the trend is going to be around because the hullabaloo around armpit tattoo died pretty soon. Intricate floral designs or anything else inspired by nature was a big hit. There were spiderwebs, birds, dogs, and even sharks.

Nature has always proved to be an inspiration but we can’t say the same when it comes to freckle tattoo. The trend also known as freckling was a hit a couple of years back. Now you might be thinking why would anyone want to do that to their face when they can get a healthy, radiant glow. Well, beats us too but looks like that’s what women wanted, or a handful of them to be precise.

What was so appealing about it? Women liked the cute, fresh aesthetic that barely-there freckles added to their look.

Weird, isn’t it?