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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Fashion giant Givenchy accused of stealing hat design

It started when the brand's creative director, Matthew M Williams shared a selfie, which featured a black leather hat

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | December 20, 2020 11:20:23 am
It started with an Instagram post. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Plagiarism is a hard reality in every creative sector. The latest to be accused of it, is none other than fashion giant Givenchy. According to a report in The Guardian, the brand allegedly copied design from a New York designer. The report informs that it all started when the brand’s creative director, Matthew M Williams shared a selfie. In it featured a black leather hat. This led to HardWear Style designer K Tyson Perez’s comment, “Well doesn’t this look familiar?”

The report further states that Perez opined the design of the leather hat is similar to his own design, way back in 2013. He also shared a long post detailing this.

“This type of appropriation & creative colonisation done by major European brands to small black designers/brands is nothing new, but the sh*t needs to end. The fact that in the height (or are we done black folks? Let me know cause ya know.. never mind) of calling out racism, police brutality and the need for inclusion-A major brand like Givenchy (LVMH) would blatantly steal my- a small black brand’s design aesthetic & think it’s OK, is another display of white supremacy,” he wrote.

He continued, “I don’t care if Matthew Williams gets a pass from the culture because of his association with Kanye, PlayBoi Carti & Kid Cudi- the mere fact that he is using a design that I’ve developed, perfected & promoted since 2013 is an example of the systemic oppression black & brown creatives have been dealing with in the fashion industry since forever. It doesn’t just end with putting black models on the runway & (only recently) being propped up in ad campaigns. But it extends to the fashion stylist who is told they shouldn’t have too many black models in their portfolio, in order not be categorised as an urban stylist or who is never even given the opportunity to work for a major American or European magazine/ brand, unless they are assisting some white “stylist” with half the vision (whose dad plays golf with the publisher’s son).”

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