It is interesting to see how Indian brides have evolved over the years: Designer Amit Aggarwal

It is interesting to see how Indian brides have evolved over the years: Designer Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal believes its important to stay true to one's signature style while trying to experiment.

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Designer Amit Aggarwal says that he has always been inspired by the natural and organic forms in nature. (Source: Amit Aggarwal)

Delhi-based designer Amit Aggarwal who is known to experiment with sculptural shapes and use industrial materials for environment sustainability in his namesake label, feels that Indian fashion has “come off age, considering designers are pushing the envelope when it comes to design thinking”.

From fusion to bridal wear, designers are creating collections that suit the modern Indian women and men, feels Aggarwal, who has always been inspired by natural and organic forms in nature.

Fresh from his latest showcase at India Couture Week 2019 where actor Kiara Advani turned showstopper for his plant anatomy-inspired collection ‘Lumen’, he speaks to on his evolving ideas on fashion, modern Indian women, and why the colour teal has caught his fancy.

You showcased your collection for the second time at India Couture Week. How does it feel?


With every passing year, one feels more and more experienced. We have evolved in terms of how we want to portray our collection, and this year the focus was on the modern Indian bride. An opening show comes with its own set of challenges and heightened expectations, but as a brand we have continuously enjoyed that. It was a chance to create something new and contemporary and that is exactly what we did.

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What is the biggest achievement you feel as a designer?

I think one of the biggest joy is that I am lucky to experience seeing my designs being worn by people on the biggest, most important days of their lives. The feeling never gets old. From seeing the outfit on paper, to creating it and then seeing it eventually being worn by someone, it’s a beautiful life cycle that takes place right in front of us and the feeling is always irreplaceable!

How is Indian couture poised in terms of sustainability and its fashion forward design thinking?

I feel Indian fashion has progressed beautifully when it comes to design for the modern woman and man whose thinking is far beyond the present. It’s amazing to see how well people respond to our clothing, because it is experimental. So yes, we see acceptability and a strong sense of being fashion forward.

amit aggarwal, amit aggarwal label,, kiara advani, showstopper, india couture week 2019,
Actor Kiara Advani sashayed the ramp for Amit Aggarwal at India Couture Week 2019’s debut show.

How has your journey been?

Earlier I would design clothing mostly on basis of creativity as I wanted to share my art with an audience that would appreciate it. Over time, people grew to love our brand for its newness, and it became important to us to also absorb what our audience wanted to see from us.

One message for all the brides out there

It’s so interesting to see how Indian brides have evolved, I think the only message I have is to stay true to who you are. I believe that how you feel on your big day is something that stays with you for a lifetime, so wear something that makes you feel free and light and doesn’t weigh you down. Other than that, just be true to yourself and dress fearlessly!

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Is there anything that Indian designers haven’t yet explored and it has caught your fancy? 

This season has definitely been of many firsts. With each collection, I try to push the limit of a completely new colour and for the longest time, I’ve been toying with the idea of fusing of colour that has a very strong industrial feeling but at the same time is also deeply rooted in our culture. Teal or a very deep metallic petrol is something that hasn’t received its due in Indian couture. It has panned over centuries as a Western classic, an Indian jewel tone yet not really seen a lot.

With so much going on in couture and particularly bridal couture, how do you keep pace?


It’s an ongoing process for us, we are constantly designing and innovating with clothing. The idea is to keep pace with yourself and make sure you are making something that is true to your signature style yet unconventionally beautiful!