Must-have lip shades for this season

Must-have lip shades for this season

Experts suggest a list of must-have lip shades for the Indian skin tone. With the plethora of lip shades available in the market, a few hues like coral and plum are a must in your beauty bag this season.

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Does your beauty bag have this season’s must-have lip shades? (Source: Pixabay)

With a plethora of lip shades available in the market, there are a few hues like coral, red and purple that should definitely find a place in your beauty bag. Reena Chhabra, CEO at Nykaa Beauty, and Bhavya Chawla, chief stylist at Voonik, have listed a few shades that you must have:

* Nude: With a range of nude shades available in the market, choose the right shade for your skin tone, otherwise it can make you look pale. It can be combined with red, pink, orange to give you the right shade of that colour, which is most suitable for your skin tone, making you look stunning.

* Pink: The colour doesn’t only amplify the beauty of lips, but it also goes well with almost any kind of eye make-up. Decide on a lighter shade of pink for an understated look or go for a bright pink shade to flaunt your vibrant self.

* Corals: Use the shade to complement any eye look, or pair it with matching blush and shadow for a monochromatic effect. Coral lips go well with a little darker or tanned skin. Too dark a shade could be a bit intimidating, but a burnt shade works well for the Indian skin tone.

* Plum: This colour is for a woman who carries off a serious conversation with as much ease as she dons a party style. Since this colour has become increasingly popular, there’s now a wide range of shades available in different intensity.


* Red: If you have a bold personality, then red is an important shade in your make-up kit. It looks good on all skin tones, depending upon the hue.