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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

From Glitter Butt to Squiggle Lips: Bizzare make-up trends of 2017 that were a hit on Instagram

2017 has been touted as the year of the bizarre make-up trends. From 'Glitter Butt' to 'Hologram Lips', here is a list of all the fads that caught our eye this year. How many have you tried?

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 26, 2017 7:10:13 pm
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Every year, there are certain fashion trends that take over the Internet. However, fashion is always evolving and what might be hot today may just be weird tomorrow. In the quest to make a statement and do something different, sometimes fashionistas end up with something which is not only bizarre but also downright outlandish. 2017 has had its own share of cringe-worthy trends. Here is a list of fads that stunned us:

1. This CREEPY self-nail art with long HAIR attachments freaked out everyone!

Illusion artist Dain Yoon from South Korea unveiled her version of self-nail art. Wondering what’s that? Well, it’s where each of her nails were etched with her own face, and styled with long strands of her hair! Imagine long black tresses hanging from the sides of your finger. Yuck. And to create variety, she posed with various expressions too!

 2. ‘Christmas tree eyebrows’ is simply wild

Started by Canadian make-up artist Taylor R, the Christmas tree eyebrows made quite a splash during the holiday season. The artist posted a video on Instagram captioning it as ” Christmas Tree Eyebrows are here. Why stop at your sweater? Spread Christmas joy via your face.”

3. Reverse eyeliner make-up got people talking

A make-up trend that got fashion hawkers sit up and take notice is the reverse cat eyeliner! As bizarre as it seems, the reverse cat eyeliner introduced by 18-year-old make-up artist Dahlia from Romania, was a fashion trend that picked up traction across the world. It’s just like winged eye make-up, but only done backwards.

4. Nostril hair extension became a reality in 2017

Instagram user @gret_chen_chen’ shared a photo of herself with hair glued around her nostrils. As it appears, the whacky transformation was accomplished with a false eyelash that was stuck around the edge! The horrific images were uploaded on Instagram and they instantly went viral.

5. Squiggle brows craze was outright insane

Beauty blogger Promise Tamang has been credited as the force behind the weird trend on Instagram. According to Huffington Post, she was inspired after she saw a photo that had been edited to make an eyebrow look wavy. “I am always experimenting and trying different makeup looks on my social pages. It was done for fun to show my followers something new.”

6. After squiggle brows, wavy lips made an appearance

We came across an equally bizarre and intricate squiggle phenomenon taking over social media. This time it travelled down south and landed on the lips. A few of these designs by make-up artists and beauty bloggers are actually interesting with them using bright lip shades, liners and concealer to pull it off. Needless to say, it requires a lot of effort!

7. This new Hologram lip trend is making news for all the right reasons

Honestly, it’s almost impossible to look away. Not-quite ‘oil spill’ and not-quite ‘unicorn blood’ look, these holographic lips made a lot of noise and people actually freaked out! The force behind this crazy creation is beauty brand, Sigma Beauty. The brand has released a line of prismatic lip glosses which provides for a high-octane look. You can either wear them alone or over a lipstick base for some extra depth and shine. Unlike traditional glosses, this product doesn’t contain any shimmer or glitter. Instead, it catches and reflects light to give your lips a futuristic appeal.

Not-quite 'oil spill' and not-quite 'unicorn blood' look, these holographic lips are making a lot of noise. (Source: Instagram/Sigma Beauty) Not-quite ‘oil spill’ and not-quite ‘unicorn blood’ look, these holographic lips are making a lot of noise. (Source: Instagram/Sigma Beauty)

8. Armpit tattoo: Would you get one?

The first thing that comes to our mind is the pain one would have to endure to get a tattoo on an armpit as it is one of the most sensitive part of the body. But the hashtag ‘#armpit tattoo’ on Instagram got us more than 8,000 results, so there are definitely takers for it. The most popular ones are the intricate floral designs but anything else inspired by nature is good. There are spiderwebs, birds, dogs, and even sharks.

9. ‘Butt glitter’ is for real!

Taking body glitter trend to a whole new level, sparkle buffs started a bizarre trend of wearing glitter on their butt. Yes, you read it right. Fashion enthusiasts gave a shimmery twist to the phrase ‘sandy-butt’ and were seen smearing glitter on their derriere.

10. Boob-themed nail art

A bizarre trend that left many dazed was the ‘Boob-themed nail art’ trend. Focusing on the body part, which is considered controversial by many, Instagram users decided to make a statement by painting nipples on their nails. This was an effort to stand against the censoring of showing nipples on all social media platforms and supporting the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign.

11. Glitter tongue, a trend that amused many!

From glitter lips to hips, there is nothing that fashion buffs haven’t tried. Interestingly, this fad was an accident and not a thought-through move. It started when Australian make-up artist Jacinta Vukovic accidentally ended up putting some glitter on her tongue, while applying the same on her lips.

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