From average Joe to dynamic Tony Stark: How world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, has evolved his style

From average Joe to dynamic Tony Stark: How world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, has evolved his style

From an average office gong Joe attire, Jeff Bezos has slowly and stealthily revolutionised his look and perked up his wardrobe with a selection of bomber jackets and narrowly tailored suits.

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Jeff Bezos’ style quotient has evolved from swift and efficient to impressionable. (Source: @jeffbezos/ Instagram)

The richest man in the world and the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, dressess to impress. Labelled as a ‘style icon’ by the New York Times recently, the 54-year-old has stealthily and slowly revolutionised his style statements.

Back in the 80s in New York, the entrepreneur started out with swift and efficient dress codes like a shirt with hidden snaps under the collar points for easy tie removal. This was layered by a sharp black suit — the average office-going Joe attire. White or blue dress shirts and a pair of khaki pants made up most of his wardrobe.

Fast forward few years and the online retailer had completely changed his look, which was reminiscent of a sharply and stylishly dressed Tony Stark. In 2017, Bezos stepped out in jeans and black polo jacket combination at the Summit LA17 that very much resembled the jeans, black tee and leather jacket curation that Robert Downey Jr. modelled in Iron Man 2.

Not just that, Bezos has now moved on from a sweatshirt wearing, comfortable-in his-own-skin guy to a vein-popping, muscled-up black polo shirt stud. Bulging up his attire with bomber jackets to complement his noticeable biceps, he has sharpened his looks with a Ulysse Nardin Dual Time watch, Garrett Leight Van Buren sunglasses, cowboy boots. Dwayne Johnson, Pitbull and Vin Diesel seem to be the entrepreneur’s inspiration.


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However, when Bezos is not perkily dressed in sleek suits with narrowly tailored jackets, he doesn’t mind stepping into the boardroom in his pyjamas. Calling it the most comfortable board meeting of his gigantic e-commerce company, he wore a midnight blue night suit with white piping.

Unlike most of his counterparts in this sector, Bezos believes in dressing up and experimenting with his outfits just like he does with industries.