Dualist Inquiry to release a new EP on Sept 8

Dualist Inquiry releases a new EP on his recently-launched record label.

By: Entertainment Feature Service | Updated: September 2, 2014 11:40:07 am
Sahej Bakshi; Cover of  the EP, Dangerous. Sahej Bakshi; Cover of
the EP, Dangerous.

With the indie music season upon us, there are a slew of releases in the pipeline. Among the first ones to be announced is by Dualist Inquiry, the solo project by Sahej Bakshi. He will release his four-track EP, titled Natural Disasters, on September 8.

His debut album, Doppelganger, set a precedent for Indian indie music producers to experiment with sounds that aren’t meant to be club bangers. The new EP takes this sound forward. “I have never made music to get people to dance, but if it does have that effect then it’s great. I just want to put my music out there and see the reactions it receives,” says Bakshi. With this EP, the musician has gone back to his songwriting roots —  composing the songs on his acoustic guitar and then translating them electronically.

The result is music that is emotive. The first release, Come On, is a house track with a blues influence and a heavy electro sound. The EP has been released on the record label he launched earlier this year, Dualism Records. It will be up for download and streaming off his Soundcloud page.

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