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Driving Change: Top 5 TV commercials of 2014

After talking to bigwigs from the advertising industry, Talk compiles the Top 5 TVCs of the year.

By: Express Features Service

With political campaigns dominating the airwaves, television commercials in 2014 were mostly lacklustre. However, a few stood out. After talking to bigwigs from the advertising industry, Talk compiles the Top 5 TVCs of the year.

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Idea Ullu Banoing

Apart from the catchy jingle, the campaign drove home the fact that information is power and it is available at your fingertips. The timing of the campaign, before the general elections, struck a chord with consumers and brought forth themes such as accountability, good governance and the need for change. It targeted a wide demographic, from small towns to metros, pushing the concept of accessibility to India’s remotest corners.


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KBC Kohima ad

This TVC was the first in a series for the game show’s ninth season and won hearts by bringing into focus Northeast India. In the ad, a girl from the region uses the audience poll option for a question on Kohima’s location. The camera pans to show people who have tuned into the show, all of whom jeer at her ignorance. When 90 per cent of the audience votes for the option on it being a part of India, the girl says ‘Jaante sab hai, par maante kitne hai’, pushing forth a strong message.

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Havells appliances – Respect for Women

After the “Hawa Badlegi” campaign last year, Havells targeted India’s patriarchal society. The campaign challenged the idea that men do not need to contribute to domestic chores. One of them has a mollycoddled son who complains that his wife’s cooking is not as elaborate as his mother’s preparations. The woman responds by placing a kitchen appliance before him and asks him to cook it himself. A strong statement against the belief that women belong in the kitchen.

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Titan Raga

One of the last TVCs of the year, Titan also used feminism at the core of their campaign, and combined that with the star power of Nimrat Kaur. In the ad, a former couple bump into each other at an airport lounge. The man reminisces about their past by claiming how they could have made it work if only she had quit her job. This reminds Kaur that she has left him because of his narrow mindset, which still hasn’t changed. With a voiceover — khud se naya rishta — playing at the end, the ad asserts the modern, working woman’s unapologetic identity.

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Nescafe’s stammering ad

The brand steered clear of celebrities for this one and used the character of a stuttering stand-up comic, who uses his disability to his advantage. The ad highlights the importance of self-belief and the product placement was subtle and the script simple. The extended version of the advertisement on YouTube has received over half a million views, which goes to show the popularity of the TVC.

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