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Where to go on a vacation based on your personality

While one travel destination can do the trick for a person, the same place may not catch someone's fancy. Based on your personality and traits, this New Year, we have handpicked a few destinations for you. 

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For the best time in your life, pick your travel destination according to your personality. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock Images)

Whether you are a beach person or a mountain lover, there is a destination that will always bring out the best in you. There’s nothing better than connecting to a place and that’s why it is advisable that you always plan it well in advance. You should also consider your personality, your likes and dislikes while making the itinerary.

Based on your personality and traits, this festive season, we have handpicked a few destinations for you.

For the lazy bums

If you are someone who wants to have a vacation that includes lazing around as the top priority, try visiting one of these slow towns and villages.

Places for you: Auroville, wine tour vacations in Tuscany, Italy, Bali, Indonesia, Bora Bora, French Polynesia.


For the romantics

People who are romantic seek adventures that are dreamy, magical and glittery. For the idealists at heart, what could be better than an evening of fine wine and dine and romantic long walks.

Places for you: The Maldives, Florence, Italy, Kauai, Hawaii, Paris, France, Amsterdam

For the ones who love offbeat places

Some people like things to be a little random and unusual. People who love impromptu travels, or people who love to explore the unexplored, there are a few destinations you can go to for an unparalleled experience.

Places for you: Malta, Halebid, Karnataka, Chembra Peak, Kerala, Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, Gokarna, Karnataka, Daman and Diu.

For the adventure junkies

It can be difficult to keep up with some people when you travel with them. They are full of life and energy and never say no to a new experience. For the bungee jumpers and scuba divers in the house, there are a few destinations you can try your hands at.

Places for you: Yaksum, Sikkim, Havelock, Andaman Island, Phong Nha, Vietnam, Glowworm Caves, Coromandel

For the artists

For people who love art, music, and writing, a trip to a city with a rich literary and artistic history will be a good idea. Paris can be a great place to start with – from the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay to the cafes where Hemingway sipped coffee to the Bohemian streets of Montmartre, it is a city full of dreams for the artsy wanderers.

Places for you: Paris, Lake Como, Italy, Indonesia, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Rome, Italy, Berlin, Germany, Valencia, Spain

So where will you take off to?