World Oceans Day: Discover the Andaman Islands

World Oceans Day: Discover the Andaman Islands

A video travelogue discovers the unexplored and untouched beauty of the Andamans.

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Explore the beauty of the Andaman islands on the web series Away From Home. (Source: The Vibe)

The Andamans have been a tourist-favourite for a long time now. And sure enough, the effects of commercial tourism can be seen. The group of islands, however, harbour some secrets. Away From Home is an experiential travelogue that takes you on a journey to all those magical spots in the Andamans nestled in the Indian Ocean. Hosted by marine conservationist and diving instructor Tara Jain, the series explores the unexplored and untouched beauty of the islands.

Watch the series here.

Filmed and edited by Rohan Thakur and Bharati Bahrani, Away From Home is the second chapter and a follow-up to their debut series, Way Back Home – A Himalayan Travelogue.

“There are so many interesting things that people do that inspire us. We are always on the lookout for an authentic story that’s worth sharing with the world,” says Asad Abid, executive producer of the series.

“Even though we’re completely surrounded by the waters, we take it for granted and often forget that we depend on it. The series is so much more than just the islands. It’s about connecting with the ocean and the forests, reminding yourself that it’s a relationship worth celebrating everyday — not just today,” says Anushka Sani, creative producer of the series.