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Vivek Atray’s Finding Success Within analyses how success is not solely determined by material gains.

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I couldn’t have written this book 15 years back, for it is a result of my life’s learnings,” says Vivek Atray, talking about his third book, Finding Success Within, 52 Life Skills for Young Indians. The Chandigarh-based author has previously written two novels, Move on Bunny! and Dubey ji Bounces Back.

The first book in the motivational series that the author plans to write, Finding Success Within borrows from his experiences as a cricketer, engineer, IAS officer and a celebrated motivational speaker. It features 52 golden nuggets for success and happiness, with Atray covering and uncovering topics as diverse as presentation and networking skills, innovation and entrepreneurship — skills and qualities that professionals need to be successful in their careers. The book also focuses on life skills and personal matters, including choosing a life partner, maintaining relationships and parenting skills as well as the need to be calm and the importance of meditation. “There is a constant need for each of us to polish our edges, to keep the creative flame burning bright and to seek lasting inner peace instead of transient pleasures,” says the author, adding that he hopes the book will help people improve their career prospects and enhance the quality of their lives.

Cover of Vivek Atray’s book

Keen to focus on non-fiction as an author, Atray says he was inspired to write this book as many youngsters posed valid questions to him about their professional and personal lives. “I wish someone had given me these answers when I was in the early stages of my career. I wanted to share the essentials they (youngsters) need to practise before they enter a career or in the early stages of their professions. I see many young people only focus on materialistic achievements and short-term gains. They take the wrong steps to earn a fast buck and jump the queue. These actions don’t lead to success of any kind. The process of finding success within is the secret to life. Happiness, peace and success can only be found in our own hearts and minds. Instead of searching for them in external conditions, we must look deeply within and adopt an attitude of gratitude as well as positivity,” says he.

The chapters in the book range from Skills for the Entire Career to Refining your Professional Persona, Being an Excellent Communicator, More Workplace Skills, People Skills, The Winning Habit, Relationship Matters and The Bigger Picture of Life. “What is most integral is to find calmness and balance. A sense of commitment is very important. So many young people fear failure, peer pressure and don’t know how to communicate with their parents. I have tried to keep the book simple and effective, devoting just more than two pages to each point, with anecdotes making it an absorbing read for people on the move,” says Atray, adding, “I provide examples, solutions and clear suggestions for young people to introspect, reflect and then act.”

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First published on: 07-03-2020 at 12:21:25 am
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