Get cracking! This 5-page story book only opens one puzzle at a time

Get cracking! This 5-page story book only opens one puzzle at a time

Do you have it in you to be Da Vinci's apprentice? This unique puzzle book made of laser-cut wooden pieces won't let you turn the page unless the puzzle is solved.

Sticking to the true meaning of what a puzzle is, this book only shows its pages further, once you successfully complete the one at hand. Amazing, isn’t it? Codex Silenda is a hand-crafted, wooden book that is laser cut and what’s more, contains only five puzzle pages. Codex Silenda is designed by the industrial designer Brady Whitney who had collected funds for it through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform based on creativity.

And the book looks nothing less than a cryptic, mysterious entity, which makes it more interesting. What will give you an instant hit of déjà vu is how oddly similar you will find the puzzle book to Leonardo Da Vinci’s cryptex. Just like Da Vinci’s intriguing artwork that possessed an air of mystery around them, this puzzle book will have you scratching your head.

Whitney has already managed to collect more than the original $30,000 funds needed for producing a limited edition of the book, according to reports. Those interested in procuring a book have to wait, as Gizmodo reports that all 150 pre-assembled versions of it have been booked already. But another option is apparently available. Those really really interested, can pre-order a copy with a $125 pledge to Kickstarter – but that will only get the laser-cut wooden pieces delivered by late December 2016… which means, first you (or rather someone else, because doing it yourself will just reveal the solutions at the onset) will have to first assemble the book and then solve the five puzzles.


The makers have a small guide-video of this epic book explaining about it in details.

Watch the video here.

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