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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Holi 2018! Highlights of celebrations from across India and world

Happy Holi 2018! This festival of colours, here's what happened in India and around the world as people came together to celebrate one of the country's iconic festivals.

Happy Holi 2018! Live updates of celebrations from across India and world Happy Holi 2018! Check out photos, messages and events happening across the country and the world, this festival of colours. (Source: Express Photo by Ashish Parmar)

Holi, the festival of colours was celebrated not only across the country but around the world. For many, events such as lathmar Holi in Nandgaon, Barsana near Mathura took place on Sunday. Then we saw stunning photos of the widows of Vrindavan playing with colours on the occasion just a couple of days ago, followed by pictures of the famous Dol Jaatra in Santiniketan from Thursday, March 1, a day that is also known as Choti Holi.

Friday, of course, was when the main celebrations of the Festival of Colours actually took place. Thankfully, declared a holiday by most institutions and companies, the day is usually happily spent in the company of friends, family and loved ones. While smearing each other in vibrant colours form a huge part of enjoying the festival, gorging on sumptuous snacks such as gujiyas and malpuas, also form an equally important part of the celebrations, as does drinking thandai laced with bhang.

Mythologically and socially also, the two days celebrated as Holi – March 1 and 2 – have great significance. While the first day is also observed as Holika Dahan, signified as the victory of good over evil; the second day, aka Badi Holi/Dhulandi, is said to mark the welcoming of spring and a festival of harvest among farmers. There is also an interesting story of Lord Krishna that’s said to have formed the genesis of the festival of colours.

So, as the country come together to celebrate one of India’s most popular festivals – and one that has formed a huge part of Indian representation in pop culture globally – here are snaopshots of what happened on Holi in the country and around the world.

Happy Holi!

  1. 10:30PM
    02 Mar, 18
    Happy Holi 2018: Detoxify after Holi with these expert diet tips

    After you have heartily indulged in special Holi feasts and given a heavy boost to your calories, it is time to give your body some TLC. Not just sweets, but the alcohol too can make your body acidic, leading to sugar cravings. The junk food consumption during the festive season can also cause bloating and episodes of diarrhoea. As celebrations come to an end, here are some expert tips to get your body back to normal. If you are too lazy, you can just start with drinking coriander water. Read more tips here


  2. 10:13PM
    02 Mar, 18
    This video of Holi celebrations in Utah’s ISKCON Temple is going viral

    Holi, the festival of colours, is not just celebrated with full fervour in India but around the globe too. And if you are thinking that it’s just Indians in various parts of the world who celebrate the festival, you are highly mistaken. Foreigners too enjoy the festival and now, a video of one such crazy celebration in the US is going viral. The stunning drone video shows hundreds of foreigners singing and dancing, sprinkling colours in the air and enjoying Holi in Utah. Watch the viral video here

  3. 9:54PM
    02 Mar, 18
    Holi 2018: How to remove colour from skin and hair after playing Holi

    Although Holi revolves around smearing colours on each others’ faces, splashing people with water by throwing water balloons at them and having fun, it is also about taking care of your skin and hair. The colours can play havoc and may cause allergic reactions and itchiness. Just like skin and hair care before holi is essential, it is equally important to take good care of it post the celebrations. 

    So, now that you have played Holi, here are some expert tips to remove holi colours from your skin safely without causing skin rashes. Read more here

  4. 9:03PM
    02 Mar, 18
    Holi celebrations by armed forces

  5. 6:38PM
    02 Mar, 18
    Happy Holi 2018: Mumbaikars drench in the spirit of the festival on streets

    The streets of Mumbai were filled with people smearing colours on each others’ faces, splashing people with coloured water, heartily indulging in sweet delicacies and making merry. From Juhu to Kandivli and Dharavi, people were spotted taking selfies and celebrating an eco-friendly Holi this year. See the pictures here.

  6. 5:42PM
    02 Mar, 18
    Holi Hai! Children enjoy the festival of colours in small West Bengal village

    Villagers of  Bandudhi at Baghmundi Gram Panchayat in Purulia district of West Bengal celebrated Holi with full fanfare. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, small children enjoyed the festivities with neighbours, friends and family playing with gulaal. Check out more photos here

  7. 5:26PM
    02 Mar, 18
    Holi 2018: This Mumbai Chawl burnt Nirav Modi’s effigy for Holika Dahan

    Holi, the festival of colours, represents the triumph of good over evil. Taking a cue from this mythological story of Prahlad and Holika, people in Mumbai celebrated Chhoti Holi in a unique way. Instead of a regular bonfire, they burnt an effigy of Nirav Modi, a diamond merchant who is being investigated after Punjab National Bank disclosed an Rs 11,000 crore fraud allegedly led by him. Read more here

  8. 2:06PM
    02 Mar, 18
    UP Police’s stand against hooliganism with this Lathmar Holi reference is on point

    As a series of shameful incidents on hooliganism faced by women during Holi has come to light, the powerful campaign #HolinotHooliganism launched by Uttar Pradesh's Police force has set a gentle reminder to steer clear of trouble. Read more here

  9. 12:55PM
    02 Mar, 18
    Happy Holi 2018: It's time for some foam and colour this Holi

    With time people find newer ways to enjoy the traditional festival. Seen here, people of Mumbai dancing and enjoying Holi not just with colour and water but foam! So, while you groove to some desi music or Bollywood peppy number this year on Holi make sure to add some frothy fun as well. Click here to see more photos

  10. 12:39PM
    02 Mar, 18
    Glimpse of Holi celebration from Nepal and Pakistan

    Not just in India, even in neighbouring Nepal, thousands of Hindus are celebrating Holi, the joyous festival of color, smearing one another with colored powder and spraying each other with squirt guns. The two-day festival of Holi is mainly celebrated on Friday (March 2) this year, but has countless variants and traditions, and some festivals began days ago. Hundreds of people -- locals and tourists were seen playing with colours and dancing in parts of Nepal like Kathmandu and Bhaktapur.

    Hindu community in Pakistan too celebrates Holi and scores of people in Karachi were seen enjoying the spring festival. Click here to see more photos

  11. 11:37AM
    02 Mar, 18
    Holi 2018: Try out your favourite desserts with a delectable twist

    Holi is just around the corner and while the excitement to celebrate this joyous festival by playing with colours is at a high, one simply cannot ignore the sumptuous food palate that it brings. The popular Holi desserts like shrikhand, thandai, gujiya and anjeer kahaja are relished during this festive season. While we love their sweet flavours, it is nice to give a fusion twist to these traditional desserts. From thandai popsicles, blueberry shrikhand to anjeer dates khaja, here are a few recipes for fusion desserts that will help you win hearts. Read more here

  12. 11:21AM
    02 Mar, 18
    Don’t want to cook? These places in Delhi and Mumbai have great Holi fare

    As we're all set to celebrate one of the biggest festivals of the year, Holi, on March 2; and playing with colours can get us tired enough to not want to cook for a bunch of friends and family, so why not choose from one of these Holi menus if you're in the Capital or Mumbai. Read here to know more

  13. 11:16AM
    02 Mar, 18
    Six destinations where Holi is still celebrated in all its traditional grandeur

    The unusually warm winter is melting into summer and falling in the cusp of this yearly weather transition is Holi — a heady festival of colour and laughter. If you love the sights, sound and colours of Holi, then travel to some of the most spectacular places in India where it is still celebrated in a deeply traditional manner. Here’s a list of six such places where Holi celebrations are still full of verve and vigour. Read more here

  14. 10:30AM
    02 Mar, 18
    Women assemble bricks, light hearths and cook various offerings for the goddess of Attukal
  15. 9:38AM
    02 Mar, 18
    Holi 2018: Celebrate the festival of colours with these jokes

    Happy Holi 2018: Add fun to the festival with jokes. From poking fun at how people look after playing with colours to adding Jr Trudeau in Holi memes, read some funny one-liners that floated on Twitter here. Read more here.

  16. 9:29AM
    02 Mar, 18
    Google Doodle celebrates Holi 2018

    Google marked the festival of Holi on Friday with a doodle that portrays the colourfulness associated with the ocassion. It shows people playing with dhols and pichkaris in different colours; red, yellow, blue, and green. Read more here

  17. 5:12AM
    02 Mar, 18
    This Holi, drink bhang for inner peace

    This Holi, do you intend to drink bhang? Well, recent medical research have shown that cannabis (bhang) grows brain cells. Bhang is mentioned in Book 11, Hymn 6, Verse 15 of Atharva Veda as a cure for many diseases. Other translations state that bhang is described as a ‘liberator’. And if you’re going to have bhang, why not use it for spiritual upliftment? 

  18. 5:10AM
    02 Mar, 18
    How the widows of Vrindavan are celebrating colours

    Vrindavan, the land of Krishna’s ‘raas-leela’ with the gopis, is where Holi celebrations start at least a week before the actual festival. Breaking the shackles of tradition, widows started playing Holi with gulal and flowers last year and the tradition continues this year as well. Here are some pictures of Holi celebrations from Vrindavan.

  19. 5:06AM
    02 Mar, 18
    Rahul Gandhi's Holi surprise for his Nani
  20. 5:04AM
    02 Mar, 18
    Students of Visva Bharati University recreate the magic of Holi; see pics

    A popular Holi celebration is one started ages ago by the famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore at the Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan, Birbhum, Kolkata. Many decades later, the Dol Jaatra at the university continues to be one f the most popular events in the country. See photos of this year's celebrations here.

  21. 4:59AM
    02 Mar, 18
    Tips to take care of your skin, hair and eyes this Holi

    The harmful chemicals in the gulaal can harm your skin and the direct sunlight that you’re exposed to while frolicking around can also cause damaging effects. To have a safe Holi, follow these expert tips. Read more here