Try out these trendy Halloween costume ideas to make the night spookier

Try out these trendy Halloween costume ideas to make the night spookier

Given the festival is around the corner, we bring to you a compilation of some of the spookiest Halloween costumes for you to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

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Check out these spooky Halloween costume ideas. (Source: Instagram)

Celebrated on October 31 every year, Halloween is considered to be one of the spookiest times of the year. The roots of the Halloween festivals are believed to date back to ancient Celtic harvest festivals.

The Celtics were known to observe their new year on November 1 every year and as the days grew shorter and the nights became longer they marked November 1 as the end of summer. This beginning of the winter was considered ominous and was associated with death and the demarcations between natural and supernatural would get blurred and an ushering of ghosts, known as Samhain was celebrated the night preceding the new year.

Over the last couple of years, the way Halloween is observed around the world has undergone a few changes and people generally celebrate it by dressing up as ghosts and showing up for parties in their grotesque best.

Treat yourself to some amazing Halloween fashion ideas that are easy to recreate and will definitely stand out from the rest of the spooky crowd. From Disney-inspired Maleficent costume to Tiwa from Fantastic Planet, here are a range of ideas for you to help you ace the Halloween look.

So which outfit will you pick this year?