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Halloween 2017: 10 awesome costume ideas inspired from Indian characters

This Halloween, forget the usual Hollywood inspirations and go desi instead.

The West has their never-ending list of Halloween costume ideas inspired from films like Edward Scissorhands or Cruela de Vil, and let’s not get into the list of silly ideas like Starbucks’ Frappula Frappuccino (if you really wish to see just google it).

From Ireland and America to the UK and Australia, Halloween traditions – both modern and ancient – have spread to distant lands too like China and Japan (and this is costume paradise!). Though Halloween is not an Indian festival, over the years – thanks to globalisation – it has certainly found itself a new home amid the urban Indian community as well. Now, if we are celebrating it here, it’s only logical that we should put in some Indian masala into the celebrations as well.

Well, for first timers, think of Halloween as nothing but a fancy dress competition just make that as much quirky and freaky. The scarier the merrier! So we bring you some of your desi inspirations that you can dress up as and scare the ‘hell out’ (excuse the expression) from everyone around.

All you have to do it roll your eyes in and rub some lime on your face. For bruises try to use some flour dough and paint it red with aalta. (Source: Youtube)

1. Indian zombies:

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Yes, India saw its film zombie film in 2016. A Tamil film called the Miruthan became a major trend-setter in the unexplored genre of horror films in India. Miruthan was about a deadly virus that turned human beings into hungry zombies, signalling a possible apocalypse. Well, what better way to celebrate this superb Kollywood film other than Halloween. Keep aside CGI-created bhoots, and instead be a zombie this season.

Just custom-make a head gear using big red plastic basket and wrap the edges with golden ribbon, rest you can wear a black T-shirt and drape a black dupatta to segregate segments. (Source: Youtube)

2. Makkhi:

If the tiny insect can rule box office and dominate TRP charts and be regarded as a major game-changer, why not become a bee. Certainly they have created more than a buzz. Get you Makhi costume today and remember to get those scary red eyes!

Guys who want to flaunt their body, this is the look. All you is to brave some red lipstick and golden eyeshadow and wear a dhoti. If not, Patiala pants would do. (Source: Youtube)

3. Betaal:
Yes, our very own character inspired from ancient mythological text could be a perfect Halloween idea. As kids, many have enjoyed the tales of Vikram and Betaal that aired on DD National. Certainly our love for the character did not die after it went off air, so revisit your childhood days and get those long white locks and hot red lips, now!

All you need is a chiffon sari and hazel eyes, from green to red any shade would do. (Source: Youtube)

4. Nagin:

From Sridevi to Mouni Roy, sexy snake ladies – if we dare to call them thus – have charmed us. From silver screen to small screen television, they have hissed and shown off their anger with beaming red eyes, so why not scare away becoming a nagin this Halloween. And for men we have a perfect compadre, Nagraj. India’s very own snake comic hero.

Trick with the black kohl or kajal and you have this perfect look. For Yakoo’s cape, use a black dupatta with embellishments and a messy hair. Irrfan’s head gear can me made using any round plastic basket. (Source: Youtube)

5. Yakoo and Badrinath/Somnath:
Remember the early 1990s hit TV show, Chandrakanta? If not, search for Yakoo and you’ll find scary looking men with broad moustache and eyebrows. And if you look for Badrinath, you’ll be surprised to find India’s man in Hollywood – Irrfan Khan. Yes, Khan in his early days played the role of twin brothers Somnath and Badrinath in the series and, oh my, out can’t miss the handiwork in his eyeshadow.

A black silk dhooti or saree, false beard and the horns need not be white, wear the glowing horns instead to get bright red ones. (Source: Youtube)

6. Genie:
Aladdin is not just a Disney character talking in fluent English, remember our childhood says when we glued to see Alif Laila? Well, then you must remember our desi version of the green Genie. Without much sophisticated techniques and CGI, these characters certainly come with an oomph of nostalgia.

Not scary but you will certainly be superheros! (Source: Youtube)

7. Captain Vyom:
Well, Milind Soman may be known as Ironman now, but the dashing model enthralled kids in the 1990s with his charismatic performance as Captain Vyom. The best part of this costume would be the eerie looking gun or pistol that was the highlight. You can also become Shaktimaan in an all-red jumpsuit! Or Super Commando Dhruv, tough choice is it? And if these heroes are not scary, try to be the villains of these shows – Venom, Paras, or Morpho.

Any old yellow hoodie and a jeans shirt would get you this look, and if the blue there is always Ujala or Robin! (Source: Youtube)

8. Jadoo:
Koi Mil Gaya ruled our hearts and the box office not just because of Hrithik Roshan but Bollywood’s favourite alien Jadoo also made quite an impression on kids. It’s pretty easy to role-play this character at night, there will be no Dhoop, and so you might just chilax and sip your drinks!

Get the chimpanzee costume and cut open the head mask from the front and the takur costume is ready. (Source: Youtube)

9. Thakur:
This overtly hairy character from 1979 film Jaani Dushaman is nothing but a perfect Halloween costume idea. If chimpanzee or orangutan is too cliché, this is what you ought to be.


10. And if you’re still unconvinced and want some more options, then try our star heroes like Ra.One, Krishh and our Thalaiva tribute to Rajinikanth as Robot. Women can be Manjulika.

Happy Halloween, folks!

First published on: 31-10-2016 at 12:01:24 pm
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