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Helping educate little angels, enabling them to dream and grow!

Female education is the need of the hour and a remedy for most social ills.

A girl was born somewhere in India. She had no clue how the world works and before she could even begin to get an idea, her parents died. Her potential life became much more difficult. Had they been alive, she would’ve still struggled a lot. Afterall, she was born into a poor family! Her life, as decided by the people around her, was going to be full of hardship. She grew up a bit and one day saw a group of girls her age. They conversed in English, wearing neatly ironed uniforms, laughing on their way to school. The girl was delighted. She also wanted to be like them. For days, she dreamt of going to school, making friends, and smiling like those girls. But she never could. No one supported a destitute little girl with a simple dream of studying in a school. Forced to live without any encouragement, she stopped dreaming. She never hoped again.

If someone had supported her, maybe she would have studied hard and one day made India proud. She may have found the cure for cancer! We will never know, because, like her dreams, she too will perish, without realizing even a percent of her potential! This is true for thousands of girls who have their dreams shattered every day because of societal discrimination and negligence.

Female education is the need of the hour and a remedy for most social ills. Click here to see the difference you can make in some girls’ lives!

India’s current literacy rate (74.4%) is lower than the world average (84%). Although we have had a drastic improvement since 1947 (it used to be 12%), there is still a long way to go. According to the census report, 2011, there is a huge gap between male (82.14%) and female (65.46%) literacy rates in India. This is a pressing issue as women comprise roughly half our country’s population (and are primarily responsible for the evolution of the other half.)

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Most of us dream of living in a better, more progressive world. Deep inside all of us, there is a will. A bright will of fire that motivates us to better ourselves, our surroundings, and the society we live in. Think about it: Have you ever felt that you aren’t making a difference? Have you ever felt the need to do contribute more? If the answer is yes, you have already taken the first step.

If you want to do your share for female education, you may donate to Amcha Ghar by clicking here. Let us tell you what it is all about:

This Maharashtra based residential home is dedicated to educating poverty-stricken young females, irrespective of their religion or caste. Most of these girls are susceptible to the vulnerable conditions of living on the street. Amcha Ghar aims to educate them, to train and transform them into skilled adults, and enable them to live independent lives. Another key objective is to give them an opportunity in life that protects them from falling into the clutches of the darker side of society.


It all started in 1996 with three children. Today, the home takes pride in the holistic development of many girls who are now living decent lives, thanks to all the social workers, lawyers, doctors, and well-wishers, who joined hands to give birth to the unique project. Located in Uttan Village, approximately 7-8 kilometers from the city of Bhayander, it facilitates to provide resources for the development of destitute girls from all over India. Girls are taught the nuances of the English language, and the ones who have no parents & relatives are supported till they get married and settled.

Mr. and Mrs. Dias (founder-director), and everyone else at the NGO has been serving the society and trying to restore faith in humanity for 22 years. They own a school named ‘Amcha Ghar English High School & Junior College’ which came into existence in 2002 and is located in Uttan, Thane. They provide quality education to the underprivileged children in Uttan where most of the residents are fishermen and considered as a backward area of Thane. Their vision is to bridge the gap between the rural and urban area with the help of education. They have a tie-up with ISKON foundation that provides Mid-Day meal twice a week to the 1000+ children studying in their school. This year class X students gave a 100% result to the school which shows the amount of hard work being put into the development of each child.

They aim to expand their school and educated as many underprivileged children as possible. They plan to modernize the education by providing digital tools which will help the children learn faster and better. However, they require funds and help from the society for their expansion. Let’s assure those little kids that they, too, can have a bright future just like the others kids do.


You can donate to Amcha Ghar with the help of the crowdfunding website, Ketto, by clicking here. Donations are eligible for 50% income tax deduction under 80G.

First published on: 07-08-2018 at 18:47 IST
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