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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Top job trends to watch for in 2018

Mere possession of educational qualifications and degrees do not guarantee a job, as an employee's mental make-up and intellect hold equal weightage.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 1, 2018 3:25:29 pm
hiring trends, top hiring trends, hiring trends 2018, upcoming hiring trends In order to achieve exponential business growth, the year 2018 will witness companies remodelling their hiring techniques.

With the campus placements showing positive signs, it seems the upcoming hiring in 2018 will be better in comparison to 2017. The recruitment industry is constantly evolving and to achieve exponential business growth, the year 2018 will witness companies remodelling their hiring techniques. In these last years, technology has redefined the recruitment process and made it more transparent.

Mere possession of educational qualifications and degrees do not guarantee a job, as an employee’s mental make-up and intellect hold equal weightage in their selection. Moreover, candidates are experimenting with their choice of career and keep flexibility as a top priority. Recruiters too are finding new procedures like psychometric tests, personality tests, e-tray exercises an easy way to hire right employee.

AI is here to stay

Both hiring methodology and job search have been highly influenced by the increased use of internet and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies. Right from providing information regarding the most sought-after jobs and offers available, to suggesting the employee the best time to ask for a raise and avoiding the human biases in assessing candidates, AI is the gamechanger.

As per  Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India, “Candidate screening and on-boarding have been made easier with the help of AI. In order to prevent organisational productivity from draining, AI fits the right person into the right job. Due to the availability of more accurate data about job seekers, employers are able to make better matches. Scanned data based upon job search behaviour, abundant resumes and reviews etc helps in training algorithms to predict the best jobs fit for a job query and also protects job seekers from any form of fraudulent activities during hiring. If used carefully, it may also help eliminate human bias.”

AI filters millions of resumes and can help identify the best potential hires, but the final decision relies on human connections. Recruiting technology powered by AI gives recruiters back the time to make human connections, instil trust, and inspire the loyalty needed to attract and retain employees in today’s rapidly changing world.

You want a job? Join social media

If you are inactive on social media, there are chances that recruiters will overlook your profile. According to a survey by new CareerBuilder, 70 per cent of employers uses social media to screen candidates before hiring. From government to private companies, there is a surge in demand for those who can think out-of-box and make posts or tweets quirky. Recruiters scan through a person’s profile to understand their perspectives in any field. This method is cheaper and faster than those cold applications which reveal just the basic profile of a job-seeker.

Sectors where hiring will shoot up

As per job site Indeed, flexibility remains a priority for most aspirants globally and in India, interestingly, the inclination is towards Ayurveda and public sector jobs. The Ministry of AYUSH has been putting more emphasis on preventive healthcare practices due to which job search for Ayurveda in India has witnessed 56 per cent growth this year.

In the era of digitisation, more and more companies want to make their presence digital. This has lead to more career search in the field of digital marketing with core technology opportunities in the domains of machine learning, data scientist and data analytics being the hot favourites.


The table above showcases what the Indian job market witnessed in 2017 in terms of preferences by job seekers across the country. (Figures in per cent)

Retain your team

Hiring, sacking and re-hiring is both time-consuming and expensive deal. Employers are finding ways to retain their team by improving employee engagement with company’s affairs. In many sectors like IT, upskilling the employees will be a key factor. Those with a wide breadth of experiences and skills and are adaptable to learning quickly will have an edge over others.

Kavita Nigam, HR, Karam Industries said a great way of retaining company’s valuable talent is through providing them various outlets for growth — in terms of both personal and organisational. “This entices the employees to think more long-term regarding their goals with and for the company. Simple programs like training, seminars, and certifications go a long way in harnessing the growth of skills.”

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