Tips to start new career after long sabbatical

Tips to start new career after long sabbatical

After returning from a long leave, one must display passion and desire at the workplace.

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Returning back to a workplace after a long sabbatical is more of a challenge than a requirement.

Coming back to the workplace after a long sabbatical or leave is quite difficult and can be disconcerting at times, even for the best employee. It is imperative to best leverage the potential benefits of a sabbatical after returning back to the workplace. One can leverage the second innings after a long sabbatical, by adhering to the following suggestions:

Work with passion

After a long sabbatical, it is essential for an employee to come refreshed to the workplace. After returning from a long leave, one must display passion and desire at the workplace and should show their dedication towards work, so that even the internal and external stakeholders notice the same. One should come back with full zeal and enthusiasm to resume their responsibilities from where they left. It is also important for an employee to understand the changes at the workplace, their policies etc., once they resume work.

Listen and understand the work well

There could be many changes in the eco system after one returns from a long break. Thereby, it can also create disturbance and chaos at the workplace. It is necessary to understand and adapt to the changes in order to balance the work. Therefore, by listening well and asking the right questions in the workplace at the right time can help an employee acclimatize to the changes. Thus, by listening and understanding the work properly, an employee can give their best even after a long sabbatical.

Enforce a healthy work relation

It is very important to get support from seniors and juniors at work, after a long sabbatical. To enforce a healthy work relation, the employees should maintain a good rapport with their colleagues, in order to ensure stability at workplace while respecting the given support.


Look for some quick wins

For some quick win, tangible achievements can be showcased. These act as a beneficial asset for the employee. Perception plays a vital role, as it helps an employee by getting quick wins. Thus, in order to get some quick win, it is important to get a good feedback from the colleagues about the capability of an employee.

Create visibility within the team

One of the most important things after returning to the workplace is to let the colleagues know about your comeback. This ensures proper communication within the organisation so that the employee who has joined back, does not lose out any important event or meeting. It will also help an employee to get updated with the latest information related to policies and work.

After returning from a long sabbatical, an employee should take a thorough understanding about the projects and other related work from their colleagues. After a long leave, it is imperative to understand and adapt to the changes and prepare a to-do list accordingly, in order to increase the efficiency of an employee. In order to get cracking at the workplace after a long sabbatical, it is important for an employee to prioritise and complete the task according to the urgency of the work. It is the responsibility of an organization as well, to help the employee, by updating them about the important information. Rather than putting work pressure on the employee in the beginning, the organization should give their employee some time to adjust to ensure a win-win situation for both.

The author is founder and managing partner, Spectrum Talent Management