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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

RRB NTPC January 20 exam analysis: Experts claim general awareness toughest section, check solved papers

RRB NTPC phase 2 day 5 exam 2021: For shift 1, 75 - 81 can be considered as a good number of attempts, while for shift 2, 77 - 84 is considered as a good attempt, the candidates said

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Updated: January 21, 2021 11:45:35 am
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Written by Sudhir Bhati

RRB NTPC phase 2 day 5 exam 2021:  With every passing day of the non-technical popular categories (NTPC) recruitment phase 2 exam that started on January 16, the changes in the question pattern can be observed. According to the expert, the candidates who have attempted the papers on January 20 in both the shifts reviewed the general awareness section toughest, while maths section was moderate and the reasoning section easy.

For shift one, 75-81 can be considered as a good number of attempts, while for shift two, 77-84 is a good attempt, the candidates said.

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RRB NTPC phase 2 day 5 exam 2021: Paper analysis by expert


Maths section was of moderate level. No change was seen in the mathematics section. Overall, considering the difficulty level of shift one, 23-25 attempted questions will be considered as a good attempt.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

Reasoning section was comparatively easiest among all the other sections. Meanwhile, the candidates found the questions from the Venn diagram and statement conclusion were quite tough, however, the rest section was easy. For shift one, 25-27 and for shift two, 25-26 can be considered as a safe number of attempted questions.

General Awareness

General awareness section gave the hard time to the students. In this section, static general knowledge and current affairs questions were quite tough. According to the analysis we received from the candidates, out of 40 around 20-25 questions were easy. Overall, 27 -29 can be taken as a reasonable number of attempted questions. For shift two, 28-31 is expected to be a good number of attempted questions.

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RRB NTPC questions asked in the exam

Here are a few questions as shared by the candidates who have appeared in the RRB NTPC exam on January 20

General Awareness

1. Who won the orange cap in IPL 2020?

Ans. KL Rahul (Kagiso Rabada ends with Purple Cap)

2. RBI Governor 2020?

Ans. Shaktikanta Das

3. Who was the constitutional advisor to the constituent assembly?

Ans. B. N. Rau

4. Who among the following got Padma Vibhushan 2020?

Ans. 7 Padma Vibhushan in 2020- George Fernandes, Arun Jaitley, Anerood Jugnauth, Mary Kom, Chhannulal Mishra, Sushma Swaraj and Vishwesha Teertha.

5. Who designed Gateway of India?

Ans: George Wittet

6. The binomial name Homo sapiens was coined by___

Ans: Carl Linnaeus

7. Taklamakan desert is located in which country?

Ans: China

8. Who was the first woman president of the INC session?

Ans: Annie Besant in 1917

9. Who is present president of Sri Lanka?

Ans: Gotabaya Rajapaksa 13. “India Divided” is written by whom?

Ans: Rajendra Prasad

10. Ujwala scheme is related to?

Ans: launched in 2015 to dispense LPG connection

11. The scientific name of Wheat?

Ans: Triticum Aestivum

12. Maximum no of tigers are found in which national park?

Ans: Kanha National Park

13. International rice research center is located in?

Ans: Manila, philippines

14. 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was given to?

Ans: Albert Arnold

15. Who is the author of ‘India Divided’?

Ans: Rajendra Prasad

16. Why was Ram Prasad Bismil hanged?

Ans: hanged on 19 December 1927 at Gorakhpur Jail for Kakori conspiracy.


A consumer has to pay Rs 279 after a 10% discount on the electricity bill. What is the original bill?

– In triangle ABC, the sum of angle A and angle B is 90°. If sin A = 5/3. FInd the value of tan B.

– If the cost price of 10 pens is equal to the selling price of 8 articles, then find the profit/loss percentage.

– 0.23 is a/an  ______ number.

– Find the area enclosed between two concentric circles of radii 7 cm and 14 cm.

– Find the time taken by a train moving with the speed of 60 kmph to cross a bridge of 600 m. The length of the train is 400 m.

– Find the third proportional of 16 and 40.

– In what time ?1600 amounts to ?2116 at 15% per annum interest rate compounded annually.

– The square of v3 + v11 is a/an _______ number.

– 1 + tan 15.cot 75 = ?

– A and B can do a piece of work in 15 days, B & C can do the same work in 12 days and C & A can do it in 20 days. In how many days A, B and C together can complete the work?

– In a triangle ABC, the sum of the angles A & B is 90 and sinA = ?. What is the value of tan B.

– If the total surface area of the cube is 1944, then find the volume of the cube.

– Find the mean of the first 8 prime numbers.

– If mean = (3median – mode)/p, then find the value of p.

– If the number is first increased by 5% and then decreased by 5% then what is the net effect?

– If x = 5 and y = 2, then 16×4 – 40x2y + 15×3 =?

The author is SSC Content Head, Gradeup  

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