Study Abroad: Asian countries with post-work opportunities

Study Abroad: Asian countries with post-work opportunities

China, Japan, Singapore, here are the list of Asian countries that allow students to work after passing from their university

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China, Japan, Singapore, here are the list of Asian countries that allow students to work after passing from their university. (Image source:

Before choosing a right career destination it is necessary for a student and the guardians to know the truth behind the lucrative offers given by many so-called education consultants in India. There are countries where students are least interested to study. Not because these nations are not beautiful or employment opportunities are less but because of the branding of education by European, American, Canadian and Australian universities.

Asia is known to be the source of spiritual enlightenment whether its India, China, Japan or Thailand. All the Asian countries are attracting crowd for spiritual uplift but not for formal education. In the last three decades what is observed is that the Asian countries are the centres of many conflicts as well; Tibetan conflict, Korean conflict, Vietnam war, Taliban, and now ISIS. All the threats are emerging in Asian countries and this is one of the biggest reasons that Asian countries are not able to focus on their Education structure.

Even then there are countries who proven themselves to be the education-centric like China, Japan, Singapore to name a few. These countries are courageous enough to attract some good talent from all around the world. Where China is emerging as a superpower, they have made a lot of advancements in their education system too. Whereas Japan is known to be the technology leader even after the adverse effects of world war 2.

Let us try to understand the education reform in the policies of different countries. Remember, the change in policies always affects the global masses. To attract more talent towards their own nation they have incepted some incentives too within the education system. There are countries who attract with the power of employment there and some attract with the power of economy and then there are many who try to be very neutral and offer citizenship too.


For international students who want to work in Japan, they have to get their status of residence to some category which one intends to work in such as International Services, Engineering or Humanities etc. Japan is very strict in terms of work category to be offered to International students.

New rules are a bit lenient and they offer work visa to students quite easily if the student follows the right procedure. Once student finishes studies he/she is offered one year time to find a suitable job in the country. This is a leverage which is not given in many countries. But the status of visa needs to be changed from College Student to Designated Activities. It’s an affirmative step. This status might get granted for six months and can be extended but once only, i.e., for a maximum of one year.

China shows its superiority over others. To apply for a one-year work visa, international students must secure employment with a Chinese company in a field relevant to their degree, meets local skills demands and offers a salary set to market standards. They must be over 18, have a Grade B which is equivalent to 80% marks average or higher, and no criminal record. Believe me, this is something called a tough competition in China.

Azerbaijan is a country separated from USSR and now a good investment hub for many of the international brand is offering very lucrative offers to not just students but to everyone who intends to settle there. 30 days visa for students which can be extended to temporary residence permit; this allows them to work even full time. Every year they extend this permit with a nominal fee. Malaysia is also grown as a big employer in the last decade. Now they are in the race of education too. Here students who find job can work in Malaysia and apply for work permit as well. They are very open towards student work permit.

In fact many international employment agencies send workers on such programs wherein they enhance their skills and work full time and earn handsomely. Let’s not forget Singapore to be one of the most economic study destination for Indian students. There are institutes, govt. registered, offering some small certificate courses at a very nominal fee of Rs.2.5 lac. But students can’t work in Singapore during their course of studies. One must have a job offer only then student can apply for Employment Permit in Singapore. UAE including Dubai, Sharjah and Abu-Dhabi have more or less same kind of rules for international student there.

Two Asian states namely Georgia and Armenia are very welcoming to students. Simply apply for work permit to the state even if you don’t have a job yet. Same goes with the international students too. On the other hand Israel is emerging as one of the education power; especially agriculture, nuclear physics, medicines etc. Students can work in Israel but only in some selected trades; nursing care, construction, agriculture, welding and industrial professions, construction, hotel work and ethnic cookery. For an international student to work in Israel; one must secure a working visa. Without work visa working is not allowed. Work Visa: The working visa is only valid for specific trade mentioned above. Students are not permitted to any other trade.

Many aren’t aware that Cyprus is not a European country but a western Asian country. Following directives of the EU(European Union), the third world national students are allowed to work in Cyprus but only in Paid Economic Activities under certain specific conditions of work. Occupations and economic activities covered are: petrol-station attendants and car-wash attendants, care givers in homes for old people, workers in agriculture/farming, fishing and bakeries, fast-food delivery drivers etc. So, many who want to pursue their further education in Cyprus its an alarm for them.

Before deciding the country and career goal one must consult a good, renowned and qualified counselor who with the experience and knowledge can guide students towards the right career path and good choice of location too