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UPA’s record brought Modi in power: Brinda Karat

Karat said the poor record of the Manmohan Singh-led govt had paved way for the advent of Modi in centre.

Praising the merger of Janata Parivar into a new party, CPM leader Brinda Karat on Thursday said that it will strengthen the Opposition to counter the communal forces.

“Good that the parties that got separated have come together. This will strengthen the opposition,” said Karat during a press conference in the city. However, Karat ruled out the merger of Left parties. ” No question of merger of Left parties,” said Karat.

Attacking the previous UPA govt, Karat said the poor record of the Manmohan Singh-led govt had paved way for the advent of Modi in centre. She also condemned the recent statements by the BJP and RSS leaders against minorities and said that the CPM will counter the communal forces in the country.

“We are clear in our fight against against communalism and RSS,” said Karat, adding that the CPM is looking to mobilise social forces and not just political parties.


She also slammed the Mamata Banerjee govt in West Bengal saying she is responsible for the growth of autocracy in states and rising attacks on Left cadre. The CPM leader also pitched for the need of more women in the politburo. “There should be more women in our politburo for sure,” said Karat.

Karat said that her party has passed a resolution demanding SC/ST reservation in private sector. “It is extremely important to bring in fighters form dalit community in leadership of party. For two decades, CPM is at forefront of taking up issues of dalits, adivasis but not for electoral gains,” said Karat.

“The 21st party Congress of CPI(M) demands that reservation for SCs and STs be extended to the private sector through appropriate legislation and that allocations for
Scheduled Caste Special Component Plan (SCSCP) and Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) be made mandatory through an appropriate law.

“The party Congress calls upon all units of the party to take up these issues and build public pressure to force the Government to fulfill these demands,” she said.

As a consequence of neo-liberal policy, people of SC and ST communities have faced a reduction of their legitimate share in national resources.

“In spite of the mandatory reservation in jobs for SC and STs in government and public sector undertakings, there is a huge backlog. The Government records indicate that the backlog in 2011 in the Government sector for Scheduled Castes was 24,779 posts.

“Vacancies for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes would be much higher if Group A, B, and C were calculated along with vacancies in State Governments and the public sector,” the resolution adopted by the party on SC/ST reservation stated.

(With inputs from Ruhi Tewari)

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