Mamata Banerjee dares Centre to ‘touch’ her

Mamata Banerjee dares Centre to ‘touch’ her

At a Trinamool rally,Banerjee said,'I am telling the king and the queen not to play with fire.'

Alleging that the UPA government was using central agencies to disturb her government and her party while Congress was in league with CPI(M),West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today dared the Centre to ‘touch’ her.

“All sorts central agencies have been deployed to disturb the Trinamool Congress and the government… the heroes of the coalgate scam are conspiring against us,” Banerjee told a party rally here.

Claiming that when the Trinamool Congress was part of the UPA,there was a move for an income tax raid on the Trinamool Congress by seeking files of party MPs and she had told the Prime Minister to go ahead.

“If we remain with you we are bad,if we do not remain with you,then also we are bad,” she said.


“…. You have said we (Centre) have touched Mayawati,we have touched Mulayam,we have touched Jayalalitha. But we are not able to touch Mamata. Let her name be dragged in (corruption) too,” the Trinamool Congress supremo said.

“Let (the Centre) touch my hair. I will not bow my head. I am telling the king and the queen not to play with fire,” she said adding that she was from a poor and not a royal family and was known to the people as ‘Mamata’ and not Chief Minister.

Vowing to be the nemesis of Congress in the coming Lok Sabha polls,she said,”Elections will be held in three to six months time from now and we will bring a change in Delhi.

“We will smash the web of conspiracy against Bengal. Congress and the CPI(M) and a section of the BJP have joined hands to conspire against us,” she alleged.

“We will see to it that Congress (which won six Lok Sabha seats last time) does not get a single seat from West Bengal next time,” Banerjee said,adding that she would tour the country to bring about this change at the Centre.

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