Top News: Hima Das wows India, Justice Gogoi on the judiciary, and BJP’s unending campaign

Top News: Hima Das wows India, Justice Gogoi on the judiciary, and BJP’s unending campaign

Also read about why there's a worrying drop in Muslims in India's armed forces and Reham Khan's inconvenient autobiography.

Hima Das
Hima Das won India’s first gold at the World U20 Championships

The judge likely to be the next Chief Justice of India has said that a revolution, not mere reform, is needed to keep the institution of the judiciary responsive to the changes in society. Also, India woke up to news of a new star in athletics: Hima Das from Assam.

Next in line to be Chief Justice of India says judiciary needs to become more dynamic in interpretation of laws: The big quote

“I will even go ahead to say that the institution, at all levels, needs to become more dynamic in the matters of interpretation of laws.” – Justice Ranjan Gogoi at the third Ramnath Goenka Memorial Lecture.

The Supreme Court judge, who is next in line to be the next chief justice, said that the judiciary was the “last bastion of hope”, and it needed to be “uncontaminated”, more “pro-active” and on the “front foot” to preserve its moral and institutional leverage.

Read the report here and the full lecture here


Hima Das, the athlete that India’s trying to catch up on: The must read

She was trailing for most of the race, but an incredible burst in the final straight took her to India’s first ever athletics gold at the World U20 Championships. Hima Das is making headlines across India, but she wasn’t training to be an athlete around two years ago. The daughter of a rice farmer in Assam, a local coach suggested she that she try athletics.

Read Nihal Koshie’s report on the athlete

The unending Sampark for Samarthan: Delhi Confidential

The BJP’s campaign to inform eminent people about its government’s campaigns and policies called ‘Sampark se Samarthan’ (Support through information) has met its target. But BJP leaders show no signs of stopping, and a love for selfies with prominent people may be the cause.

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Reham Khan’s inconvenient autobiography: Can of worms

Reham Khan’s autobiography is finally out and delivers the expected knockout punch to former husband and aspiring Pakistan prime minister, Imran Khan.

Coming out just before the elections due in about a fortnight, Reham’s widely shared book says the former Pakistani cricket captain has five illegitimate children (some of whom may be Indian), rubbing black dal on his body on the advice of a spiritual leader, and leading a bizarre life of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”. Imran Khan, perhaps wisely, has maintained a studied silence so far.

Read Nirupama Subramanian’s report on the juiciest bits.

The number of Muslims in Indian security forces is falling, : The Think pieces

The number of Muslims in the Indian army and police forces has steadily fallen since Independence and that’s a genuine cause for worry, write Christophe Jafferlot and Shweta Bhutada. They point out that the falling number of Muslims in the police and paramilitary forces, and army only increases the community’s vulnerability and could prepares the ground for something much more dangerous.

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The digitisation of payments in MNREGA is not only delaying payments but is also fostering corruption, writes economist Jean Dreze. In his column, he points out that delays and diversion of payments, the closure of accounts, and the lack of grievance redressal is damaging the payment-for-work programme, perhaps irreversibly.

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Khap bans 5-year-old Rajasthan girl from entering home for breaking bird’s egg: No, this really happened

A five-year-old was banned from entering her home, and her parents and other villagers were prohibited from touching her. Her crime was that she had broken the egg of a bird that some considered auspicious.


The order, passed on July 2 by a khap panchayat, resulted in the child being forced to stay outside her house in Haripura village in Rajasthan’s Bundi district. Ten members of the khap have now been arrested after the girl’s father filed a complaint with the police.