Three years of AAP: Number of mohalla clinics will be over 900 in coming months, says Kejriwal

LIVE UPDATES: Arvind Kejriwal said, "In Delhi hospitals, we are also increasing bed capacity by 50 per cent. This is the first time that we have ensured complete free medical care at Govt hospitals."

Three years of AAP LIVE UPDATES The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) marched into power with an overwhelming majority in 2015. (In picture: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal)

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), formed as an offshoot of the India against Corruption Movement and the brainchild of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, completes three years in office today. The party marched into power with an overwhelming majority of 67 seats in a 70-member House in 2015. As of now, however, the party is staring at the possibility of bypolls after the President recently approved the disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs last month over holding offices of profit. The matter is currently subjudice.

Kejriwal and his cabinet ministers are scheduled to take questions and feedback from people through social media and phone calls on Wednesday.

The AAP government’s achievements so far include mohalla clinics, provision of free water, reduction of electricity tariffs by half, increasing minimum wages and more classrooms. Promises like regularisation of unauthorised colonies, cleaning the Yamuna, and making Delhi a ‘WiFi city’  remain unfulfilled.

Follow three years of AAP LIVE UPDATES below:

  1. 3:18PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Have prepared a separate budget for free wifi in Delhi, will announce soon, says Kejriwal

    Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the BJP has been making a big noise about AAP's decision to provide free wifi in the national capital. "BJP has been making a big noise about free wifi.  But let me inform you that Delhi government has prepared a separate budget for wifi and we will soon announce it," he said.

  2. 3:08PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Historic increase in minimum wage under our government, says Kerjiwal

    Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that there has been almost 40 per cent increase in the minimum wages over the past three years under his government. "There’s a major violation of minimum wages going on in Delhi. But the matter is in court. We are awaiting a judgment on that," he added.

  3. 2:50PM
    14 Feb, 18

    Kejriwal said, "People are asking us where is the money coming from to do all the works we are doing. The difference now is that we are honest and not corrupt. So money is going in the right places. CVC has issued a report in fact saying that 80 per cent corruption has reduced in delhi."

  4. 2:49PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Doorstep delivery of services is a big help to many Delhiites, says Kejriwal

    The chief minister said, "Doorstep delivery of services is a big help to many Delhiites. It’s also a big initiative by us. Delhi Govt will now give you a helpline number. You can call on that and register your request and they will ask you when you’ll be home and come at your convenience with the required biometric devices and machines and do your required paperwork. You don’t need to go around getting pushed in lines and offices. Same thing we will implement for ration. You will get doorstep delivery of ration."

  5. 2:46PM
    14 Feb, 18

    Arvind Kejriwal said that buses are being increased in the city to help reduce vehicular traffic. We will also work to reduce vehicular Traffic coming from other states.We are planning the peripheral road that will stop Traffic from entering Delhi and we are talking with the central government regarding this."

  6. 2:38PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Kejriwal on pollution and Odd-Even scheme

    Speaking on the Odd-Even scheme in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said, 'Odd-Even was an experiment we rolled out. It was a tough decision taken by us.We were even told that people will hate us after Odd-Even but we had to take the risk. We shut power plants in Rajghat and Badarpur. We also cracked down on construction sites. But it didn’t make much of a difference. A lot of proposals have come up, but one thing we are planning this year is landscaping on a very large scale so that there are more greenery and lesser loose dust. This landscaping will be done alongside 500 roads.'

  7. 2:25PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Cartoon by Mika

    Here's a cartoon by Mika celebrating three years of the AAP government

  8. 2:23PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Arvind Kejriwal on night shelters in Delhi

    Talking about the night shelters the government has made, Kejriwal said, "90 new were made and the quality of the shelters has drastically improved. I am not saying this, but the SC made a Committee to check night shelters across the country and Justice Kailash Gambhir has said that Delhi has the best night shelters and is being used as a model for other states now."

  9. 2:11PM
    14 Feb, 18

    Talking about his achievements, Kejriwal said, "20 new schools have been made. 28 are almost ready. 7030 classrooms have been made in last 3 years and in the next two years, the target of making 15000 classrooms will be completed. In the previous govt, only 800 classrooms were made throughout their entire tenure." 16000 community toilets have also been made in Delhi and this specifically benefits people living in JJ colonies.

  10. 1:51PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Delhi govt made electricity cheaper, says Kejriwal

    Arvind Kejriwal said Delhi people have got a good relief from electricity bills. "If you use 400 units of power in 2010, your bill would be 1340 rupees. In 2014 it became 2040 rupees. And in 2017 it’s 1170 rupees. We have only made things cheaper. When you compare it with other states like UP- 2600+, Maharashtra - 3100+, Delhi has the cheapest electricity."

  11. 1:44PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Arvind Kejriwal says 12 per cent of the Delhi govt Budget is for Health

    The Delhi CM said, "We also started a Good Samaritan policy. If you find a person who has met with an accident on the road, please take him to the nearest hospital even if it’s a private hospital and Delhi Govt will pay the whole price. 12 per cent of the Delhi government budget is for Health. This is unprecedented and has not been done by any other Govt."

  12. 1:42PM
    14 Feb, 18

    "There was a time when people didn’t even want to enter the Delhi govt hospitals. And these are the same hospitals where footfall has increased by 33 per cent in OPDs. We have only one complaint coming in that there’s too much rush at hospitals. We are working on that to come up with a scheme. Soon, it will be in place," he says.

  13. 1:40PM
    14 Feb, 18

    Elaborating further on Delhi government's work in the health sector, Kejriwal says, "We have seen that at Govt hospitals, MRI waiting takes upto 6 months. We have taken temporary measures for that. We have taken out a scheme where if you don’t get to take test in a government hospital, you can go to a private lab which is listed by us and we will pay for you. Even for operations, if you don’t get a date within a month, you can go to the private hospitals listed by us and get your surgery done and we will pay for it."

  14. 1:35PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Arvind Kejriwal says number of mohalla clinics will be over 900 in coming months

    Kejriwal says, "164 mohalla clinics have been set up in Delhi already and after some months the total number of clinics will be over 900. Our aim is to have mohalla clinic at a walking distance. You get medicines free at these clinics and you get immediate medical care. We are also setting up polyclinics. You will get up to 8 specialities there. You can’t get admission there but you can get your check-ups done and if you need admission you’ll be referred to a Govt hospital."

    In Delhi hospitals, we are also increasing bed capacity by 50 per cent. This is the first time that we have ensured complete free medical care at Govt hospitals," he adds

  15. 1:31PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Arvind Kejriwal starts speaking at the event

    Arvind Kejriwal says, "Govt has completed three years now. First of all, I would like to highlight the main things we have done in the govt. It is a massive and unprecedented investment that’s been made by any govt in the Health and education sector. It’s the biggest ever. The reason for it is that we believe in people. We feel that if we give opportunities to our people, they can do anything."

  16. 12:05PM
    14 Feb, 18
    Arun Jaitley defamation case

    Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had filed a Rs 10 crore defamation suit against Arvind Kejriwal in wake of allegations of financial irregularities against him in the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) of which he was the president from 1999 to 2013. Jaitley was being cross-examined by Kejriwal’s counsel in the case, which the Delhi High Court last week decided to transfer to a single judge of the high court. The defamation suit has been filed against five others including Raghav Chadha, Kumar Vishwas, Ashutosh, Sanjay Singh and Deepak Bajpai.

  17. 11:44AM
    14 Feb, 18
    Arvind Kejriwal's relation with the L-G

    Arvind Kejriwal has had rocky ties with Delhi L-G Anil Baijal and his predecessor, Najeeb Jung, over who the real administrator of the city is, often causing a war of words between them. The recent issue had emerged when Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia were allegedly asked to present invitation cards at the ‘At Home’ function hosted by the L-G last month.

  18. 11:13AM
    14 Feb, 18
    Arvind Kejriwal says three years back, people of Delhi elected an honest govt
  19. 11:08AM
    14 Feb, 18
    What Arvind Kejriwal has to say on completing 3 years in office

    Meanwhile, a video surfaced on Arvind Kejriwal's twitter account in which he talks about his three years in office. Watch it here: 

  20. 11:01AM
    14 Feb, 18
    SC on sealing drive

    Expressing dismay over rampant illegal construction in the capital, the Supreme Court last week said the “rule of law must be enforced”, and warned against interfering with the working of the Monitoring Committee appointed by it to oversee the sealing drive. It also asked the Delhi administration and civic agencies to apprise it on whether any environmental impact assessment was conducted before proposing to amend the Master Plan 2021.

  21. 11:00AM
    14 Feb, 18
    AAP's support to traders protesting against a sealing drive

    Supporting the traders protesting against a sealing drive in Delhi, Kejriwal had said he will approach the Supreme Court for a temporary ban on the sealing. A BJP delegation led by Delhi unit president Manoj Tiwari had last month walked out of Kejriwal's residence ahead of the meeting on the sealing drive, alleging that the AAP government wanted to 'divert' the issue. Through the on-going sealing issue, however, the AAP has gathered the support of a large section of traders, many of whom were staunch backers of the BJP. The drive has been on since December.

  22. 10:29AM
    14 Feb, 18

    The Constitution prohibits Members of Parliament and MLAs from holding any ‘Office of Profit’, which means accepting government positions that carry some financial remuneration or any other benefit such as office space or even a car. Any violation of this provision attracts disqualification of the legislator. The aim of this provision is to preserve the independence of the legislature by keeping its members away from any temptations from the executive.

  23. 10:29AM
    14 Feb, 18
    Disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs

    The Election Commission of India on January 15 had recommended disqualification of 20 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLAs after it found each one of them guilty of holding ‘Office of Profit’. In a massive blow to the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government, President Ram Nath Kovind had approved it. But, the matter is currently subjudice.

  24. 10:13AM
    14 Feb, 18

    Meanwhile, Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken and former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit will jointly address a press conference over the AAP’s three years in government.

  25. 10:12AM
    14 Feb, 18
    Manoj Tiwari says AAP has become synonymous with corruption

    Manoj Tiwari said, “On one day, we will hold a public meeting on ‘Delhi against corruption’. The AAP came out of the India Against Corruption Movement but now it has become synonymous with corruption, misconduct and dirty politics. It is a government of urban Naxalites and their Vikas Yatra is being seen as Vinash Yatra by the people. Protests and public meetings on education, regularisation of unauthorised colonies and a mahapanchayat on farmers’ issues will also take place.” 

  26. 10:10AM
    14 Feb, 18

    In 2015, the AAP had devised a new method of formulating their manifesto. The ‘jan andolan’ announced by the BJP on Monday is along the lines of AAP’s pre-poll initiative. With this new campaign, the BJP seems to be hitting the ground running ahead of the 2019 elections, and in the midst of a possibility of bypolls in 20 Assembly constituencies.

  27. 10:10AM
    14 Feb, 18
    Manoj Tiwari to hold massive rally against AAP govt showcasing its alleged failures

    On the other hand, the BJP’s Delhi unit led by its president Manoj Tiwari will hold a massive rally against the AAP government showcasing its alleged failures. Attacking the AAP, Tiwari said its governance has become “synonymous with corruption, misconduct and dirty politics”. 

    Expressing “shock” at AAP’s plans to take out a “vikas yatra”, Tiwari spelt out BJP’s counter: “On February 14, we will release a white paper on the work done in the last three years. Our party workers will stage demonstrations outside the CM’s residence. We will launch a jan andolan against the AAP government in the next one week. This will include demonstrations outside the CM’s house, campaigns in markets, Metro stations and colleges.”

  28. 10:03AM
    14 Feb, 18
    Song by Vishal Dadlani to be released on the occasion

    A song composed and sung by singer Vishal Dadlani will also be released on the occasion. The song, written by party leader Dilip Pandey, will highlight the government’s achievements in health, education and other sectors in the last three years. ‘Abhi hua teen saal Kejriwal, aage hoga sandar paanch saal Kejriwal‘, are the lyrics of the song. Before wresting power in February 2015, the AAP had launched a song ‘Paanch Saal Kejriwal’. Last year, on its second anniversary, the AAP government had released a booklet.

  29. 10:01AM
    14 Feb, 18
    Email id and phone number where people can ask questions

    According to the government, people can ask questions from any of the ministers at 011-23348334 and Besides, they can also post their queries on the chief minister’s Facebook account and Twitter from 12 noon to 1 pm. The official said that as per the schedule, all AAP ministers will list achievements of their respective departments for an hour from 11 am to 12 noon on that day.

  30. 9:58AM
    14 Feb, 18
    Delhi CM blames centre for creating hurdles

    Blaming Centre for creating hurdles, Kejriwal said they had been able to do only half the work they could have done in the past three years. He also said, “Have faith in us. So far, we have done half the work we could have done in the last three years because they are creating hurdles in our every file. But God is with us as we are moving on the path of truth.”

  31. 9:56AM
    14 Feb, 18
    Arvind Kejriwal says he will meet people from Monday to Friday

    Interacting with people in the capital, Arvind Kejriwal said he would meet people from Monday to Friday at 10 am at his residence without an appointment. “The government is going to start ‘doorstep delivery of services’ through which people will be able to get various services such as birth certificate, income certificate at their doorstep,” he said.

  32. 9:55AM
    14 Feb, 18
    ‘Vikas Yatra’ to highlight “good work” done by AAP govt

    On Sunday, the Aam Aadmi Party had organised a ‘Vikas Yatra’ in all 70 Assembly constituencies of Delhi to highlight the “good work” done by the Kejriwal government, as part of events to mark its three years in power. All ministers and MLAs interacted with the people in their respective constituencies and apprised them of the works done by the AAP dispensation. With the possibility of bypolls in the city — after the President approved the disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs last month— the government has asked all the legislators to interact with people to make sure they know about the “good work” done till now.

  33. 9:54AM
    14 Feb, 18

    The government has constructed 8,000 classrooms and claims to have stopped the annual increase of private school fee by creating a fee anomaly committee. It has started giving out education loans of up to Rs 10 lakh under the ‘Higher Education Guarantee Scheme’. But it has not managed to start a single degree college, against its promise of 20 new ones. “DU is the only affiliating university which could do this. We don’t have control over DU and there are problems on that front,” said an education department official.

  34. 9:53AM
    14 Feb, 18

    Before coming to power, AAP promised 11,000 buses. With the deadline for adding 10,000 buses approaching, the Delhi government has approved the opening of five new bus depots by the end of this year to add 895 buses at Rs 134 crore. Lack of land, the Delhi government argued, has been an obstacle.

  35. 9:53AM
    14 Feb, 18

    The 2015 manifesto had promised the creation of two lakh public toilets. But in the past three years, it has managed to construct only 21,000 community toilets. In fact, DUSIB received Rs 18.86 crore for the purpose from the Centre, of which it utilised only Rs 7.33 crore, with 61 per cent remaining unused. “The mandate for DUSIB is to construct community toilets, but with public toilets, other agencies like MCDs and DDA are also involved,” an official said.

  36. 9:53AM
    14 Feb, 18

    From 105 mohalla clinics last year to 180 now, of which 160 are operational, the Delhi government has identified space to build 668 more. In its 2015 poll manifesto, the party had promised 1,000 such clinics to provide better and free healthcare. A government spokesperson said, “We hope to reach our target for 1,000 mohalla clinics in the coming year.” The government has also approved 97 polyclinics and 2,579 beds in hospitals.

  37. 9:53AM
    14 Feb, 18
    AAP's achievements and failures

    Some of the promises made by the AAP government has remained unfulfilled, like regularisation of unauthorised colonies, cleaning the Yamuna, and making Delhi a ‘WiFi city’. However, among the achievements, the government has listed some old ones, like free water and reduction of electricity tariffs by half. 

  38. 9:39AM
    14 Feb, 18

    The  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) completes three years in power today. Stay tuned to our live blog at for latest updates.