‘That fan’s rod had rusted. We’re checking all now’, says Manoj Kumar, Additional District Magistrate, Bareillyhttps://indianexpress.com/article/india/that-fans-rod-had-rusted-were-checking-all-now-says-manoj-kumar-additional-district-magistrate-bareilly-4752345/

‘That fan’s rod had rusted. We’re checking all now’, says Manoj Kumar, Additional District Magistrate, Bareilly

A 27-kg colonial-era fan in the 150-year-old Bareilly Collectorate fell on July 7, leaving two people injured. The Collectorate has several such fans, which are now being checked.

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Bareilly Collectorate has many such old fans. (Express Photo)

1. What happened on July 7?

Several old fans at the Collectorate which had become dysfunctional have been replaced over time, with only the ones in good condition retained. This was one such fan. It was in good shape but the rod suspending it from the ceiling was rusting. It suddenly snapped and fell down that afternoon and the blades injured two persons standing nearby. The fan has been replaced. After last week’s incident, we have decided to check all the old fans and service them.

2. How are the two people on whom the fan fell?

They are fine. They were lucky to have escaped with minor injuries. One had a small cut on the forehead, and another on his arm.

3. Does the Collectorate have air-conditioners?


Some chambers are air-conditioned but most of the premises depends on fans.

4. What happens to the antique fans?

The old ones are auctioned off periodically along with other furniture and old assets. Actually, the Collectorate has been undergoing renovation in phases. A proposal for renovation of a large flank this year is underway.

5. So all old things will be replaced?

Yes. New fittings and interiors will be put in place. As part of the renovation proposal, old fittings and furniture will be preserved in a museum.