Six IIM graduates placed with lucrative pay

Six IIM graduates placed with lucrative pay

The IIM graduates will earn a tax-free annual pay of Rs 44 lakh, plus performance-related bonuses.

File photo: IIM Ahmedabad
File photo: IIM Ahmedabad.

Six Indian management graduates from IIMs have landed themselves a lucrative job with an annual pay of Rs 44 lakh.

Dunia Finance, an Abu Dhabi-based finance company, has hired six new graduates from the distinguished Indian
Institute of Management’s campuses in Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

The MBA graduates have been offered a highly competitive, tax-free annual pay of Rs 44 lakh or gross of tax Rs 66 lakh, plus discretionary performance-related bonuses.

This ranks the finance company on par with world’s major corporate and multi-national recruiters. Empowering and enabling talent for success is embedded in the company’s culture, the company said.


Founded in 2008 by a team consisting of IIM alumni, Dunia has a proven track record as a consistent recruiter of MBA talent.

Rajeev Kakar, founder, managing director and CEO of Dunia, who is himself a 1987 graduate alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, said

IIM campuses are the leading management institutions in India, recognised globally for their contribution to talent, and Dunia is a young and dynamic company committed to hiring the best in all markets.

“Our recruitment drive this year puts us right amongst the world’s major businesses as an employer of talent. Dunia has grown quickly and sustainably over the last five years, driven by a dedication to quality service and carefully nurtured talent management,” he said.

“We want to be seen as a dream recruiter for MBA talent from around the world, providing fulfilling careers that
empower people, enable success, and enrich lives,” he said.