Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka UPDATES: ‘Nirav, Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya escaped but India’s self-proclaimed chowkidaar did nothing about it’

Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka LIVE UPDATES: During this stay in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi will be travelling across seven districts in Bombay-Karnataka region, which played a key role in Congress’s win in the 2013 state polls

Rahul Gandhi tripura election rally live updates Congress president Rahul Gandhi is on a three-day visit to Karnataka (Express photo Javed Raja/File)

Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who is on a three-day visit to Karnataka, will on Sunday visit Baglakot and Bilajpur districts in the state. Gandhi also flaged off “Vrukshathnon 2018” Half Marathon in Bilajpur’s Gol Gumbaz area.

During his stay in Karnataka, Gandhi will be travelling across seven districts in Bombay-Karnataka region, which played a key role in Congress’s win in the 2013 state polls. On the first day of his visit, Gandhi visited places of religious importance to the Lingayat community, a strong support base of BJP.

“Basavanna said that God is one and in all; this is the thinking of the Congress, and when we think of programmes for the people, this is the thinking that guides us,’’ Rahul said, invoking Lingayat ideas to attack Modi. “If you want kaam ki baat, come to the Congress, and if you only want mann ki baat, go to Narendra Modi.”

This is Rahul Gandhi’s second visit to Karnataka ahead of the polls. In the first leg of his tour, during which he visited the districts of Bellary, Koppal, Raichur, Yadgir, Gulbarga and Bidar, Rahul stopped at several prominent local temples and religious centres.

Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka LIVE UPDATES:

  1. 6:57PM
    25 Feb, 18
  2. 6:37PM
    25 Feb, 18

    "PM Modi doesn't like notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000. There was a crack down on black money. The citizens were outside the bank whereas those involved in making black money were inside the bank. After five months, we realised that the money of farmers (around Rs 22,000 crore) has been pocketed by Nirav Modi," Rahul said.

  3. 6:28PM
    25 Feb, 18

    While addressing the gathering in Mudhol, the party president once again launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying, "Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya managed to escape the country while the PM chose to look away."

  4. 4:14PM
    25 Feb, 18

    'Prior to the 2014 elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to become the guard for the country. One of his former CMs and four other ministers were imprisoned and yet he talks about eradicating corruption from the country,' Rahul tells the crowd at Bagalkote.

  5. 3:54PM
    25 Feb, 18

    After ending his rally at Bijapur, Rahul approved the Pradesh Election Committee of KPCC for the upcoming 2018 Assembly election.

  6. 2:54PM
    25 Feb, 18

    Meanwhile, while addressing his rally at the same time, BJP president Amit Shah said, "The Siddaramaiah-led government does not let the benefits of schemes reach the right beneficiaries because they fear the Modi government."

  7. 1:20PM
    25 Feb, 18

    The next time that PM Modi comes to Karnataka, ask him if he belives in Basavanna's policy of 'practice what you preach.': Gandhi

  8. 1:15PM
    25 Feb, 18

    "PM Modi started Make in India, sit down India, stand up India, see right India. However, every product in the market is Make in China," Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka. 

  9. 1:03PM
    25 Feb, 18

    Just like his previous public meeting, Rahul Gandhi continued to attack PM Modi over failing education, health facilities in BJP-ruled states like Gujarat.

  10. 12:55PM
    25 Feb, 18

    Basavanna is the guiding light behind the Congress party. He had said work is worship and this is the policy that we at Congress follow. We want to take everyone together and walk ahead, without any violence and distinction: Rahul Gandhi

  11. 12:45PM
    25 Feb, 18

    Congress chief is next expected to hold a meeting at Mallikarjun High School Ground in Bijapur's Mulawad. 

  12. 11:31AM
    25 Feb, 18

    we never say that we are changing India. We know that the youth of the country, the women and the experienced are changing the country. The Congress party just wants to stand with them and participate in this change: Rahul Gandhi said while thanking the crowd 

  13. 11:30AM
    25 Feb, 18

    Basavanna also said that never blow your own trumpets. PM Modi, you always praise yourself in the rallies. In your rallies, you often say that nothing had happened in the country in the last 60 years. You always say that India is progressing under Narendra Modi's rule. Atleast give a little credit to your cabinet: Rahul Gandhi

  14. 11:28AM
    25 Feb, 18
    Gandhi attacks PM Modi over his silence on Nirav Modi case

    You said to the entire country that you will be the "chowkidaar". In Karnataka, you are flanked by the previous chief minsiter who has been accused in corruption cases. Amit Shah's son Jay Shah raked profits magically in three months, but you said silent. By banning the notes in the country, you made people stand in the line to give up their earning. Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya ran away and you did not speak a word: Rahul Gandhi

  15. 11:25AM
    25 Feb, 18
    Did PM Modi even manage to deposit 10 rupees in any account: Rahul Gandhi

    PM Modi comes and gives long speeches and mentions Basavanna in his address. Basavanna had asked people to practice what they preach. PM Modi however, does not follow this. It has been four years since we asked him to give details about job creation under the government. PM Modi said that 15 lakhs will be deposited in the banks. Did he even manage to deposit 10 rupees in any account: Rahul Gandhi

  16. 11:20AM
    25 Feb, 18

    While I was campaigning in Gujarat, people there told me that education is a very expensive affair in the state. Major universities and colleges in Gujarat are backed by private industrialists. However, in Karnataka, the government has not only subsidised education but also provides free education to girls: Rahul Gandhi

  17. 11:18AM
    25 Feb, 18

    The SC and ST community is marginalised in the country. Wherever PM Modi addresses the nation, he talks about Dalits. Congress govt in the state granted Rs 27,000 crore for the community. PM Modi has only granted Rs 55,000 crore for the community in the entire country. A double of what Congress granted the state has been given to the entire country by BJP: Rahul Gandhi

  18. 11:15AM
    25 Feb, 18
    Congress govt in Karnataka waived farmer loans

    I met Narendra Modi and asked me to waive the loan of the poor farmers just like he waived the loans of the businessmen. Modiji did not answer my question. I posed the same question to CM Siddaramaiah. The Chief Minister responded that 8,000 crores worth loan can be waived off. He not only replied but also waived the loan: Rahul Gandhi

  19. 11:11AM
    25 Feb, 18
    Basavanna played a great role in the formulation of the Constitution: Gandhi

    The building of Parliament is in Delhi, but the foundation of its thinking has been laid by Basavanna in Karnataka. I am also very happy that Congress government led by Siddarmaiah follows the principles of Basavanna. Congress, as a government believes in taking everybody forward without barriers of caste, economy or gender. This is the biggest difference between BJP and us. BJP is the government for a selected few businessmen while Congress is for all: Rahul Gandhi

  20. 11:08AM
    25 Feb, 18

    Rahul Gandhi is addressing a crowd in Karnataka's Jamakhandi

  21. 9:52AM
    25 Feb, 18
    BJP's Amit Shah also visits Karnataka

    Meanwhile, BJP chief Amit Shah is also on three-day visit to Karnataka, starting from today. He will visit the family of a farmer, who had committed suicide, in Mangalgi village in Bidar and also interact with traders and businessmen. The BJP leader will also meet sugracane farmers in Humnabad and interact with members of Koli community

  22. 7:28AM
    25 Feb, 18

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