Congratulations on 100 days of ‘no development’: Rahul Gandhi to Modi govt

Congratulations on 100 days of ‘no development’: Rahul Gandhi to Modi govt

The Congress party claimed that the Modi government's 100 days in office have been characterised by "arrogance, uncertainty and vendetta politics".

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday congratulated the Narendra Modi-led government on 100 days of “no development”. The former Congress chief also claimed that there was a glaring lack of leadership and that the government was trying to “stranglehold” media to “drown out criticism”.

Taking to Twitter, Gandhi said, “Congratulations to the Modi govt on #100DaysNoVikas, the continued subversion of democracy, a firmer stranglehold on a submissive media to drown out criticism and a glaring lack of leadership, direction & plans where it’s needed the most – to turnaround our ravaged economy.”

Speaking on similar lines, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said the Modi government is mum after “ruining the economy” and alleged that it is trying to hide the grim situation in the country.

“The government is mum after ruining the economy. The companies are in danger, while trade is in doldrums,” she tweeted.

“Through drama, deceit, lies, and propaganda, they are trying to hide the country’s grim situation,” she said, using the hashtag ‘100DaysNoVikas’ (100 days, no development).


Another party leader Kapil Sibal claimed that the Modi government’s 100 days in office have been characterised by “arrogance, uncertainty and vendetta politics”.

Taking on issues such as the state of the economy, situation in Jammu and Kashmir, the National Register of Citizenship in Assam and action by probe agencies against opposition leaders, Sibal said the massive mandate to the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls had given it an opportunity to provide relief to the common man, but what happened was the opposite.

“Common man’s problems are increasing, lapdog media is becoming even more biased, atrocities against women increasing, there is no strategy on education and health, small trader is in distress, and there is vendetta politics against political opponents,” Sibal said.

“Where there is evidence against their own people, they are being sheltered, and action is being taken against opposition leaders against whom there is no evidence,” he added.

The party referred to words such as “tyranny, chaos and anarchy” to describe the first 100 days of the government.

“Eight sectors have recorded a growth rate below 2 per cent and our Finance Minister still refuses to accept that our economy is in free fall. If the BJP continues this path of negligence & deceit, we are headed towards recession,” the party posted on Twitter.

A steep fall in the GDP from last year is a direct result of the government’s ignorance and “gross mismanagement” of economy, the Congress alleged.

“By disregarding voices of the industry, economists & former PM Dr (Manmohan) Singh, BJP has proved itself to be completely incompetent in handling the economy,” it said.

“The automobile sector is facing its worst-ever crisis in years and all the government has to say our economy is doing better than US and China,” the party said.

The NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed 100 days after coming to power for a second consecutive term with a massive mandate.

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