Inclement weather: Wheat yield takes a dip

Inclement weather: Wheat yield takes a dip

Inclement weather,including strong winds,during the last phase of the ripening of the crop has led to a dip in the wheat yield in Punjab this year.

Inclement weather,including strong winds,during the last phase of the ripening of the crop has led to a dip in the wheat yield in Punjab this year.

For a state,which registered highest the ever wheat yield at 50.97 quintals per hectare (over 20 quintals per acre) in 2012,the yield from Punjab fields is pegged at just about 47 quintals per hectare this year

The Punjab Agriculture department,however,is yet to come out with the results of the crop cutting experiment in all the districts of the state done to reach the average yield.

Har Iqbal Singh,a farmer with land in Bhogpur area said this year he got only 15 to 16 quintals wheat per acre,which means around 40 quintals per hectare.


“My crop got flattened due to strong winds at the time of ripening,which resulted in smaller grains and less yield per acre,” he said.

“I harvested only 15 quitals per acre this year while it was 20 quintals last year,” said another farmer,Amandeep Singh,from Nawanshahr district.

Chairman,Punjab Mandi Board,Ajmer Singh Lakhowal,too said that the yeild has gone down by five to six quintals per hectare this year in most parts of the state.

On an average a farmer can expect 20 to 22 quintals wheat per acre,an agriculture expert said,adding a loss of four to five quintals per acre means a loss of Rs 7,000 to Rs 8,000.

Contacted,state agriculture director Dr MS Sandhu said the average yield per acre is yet to be reached at as the crop cutting is on and the exact amount will be calculated once the harvesting is over.

‘Big farmers withholding wheat crop for higher price’

In an anticipation of fetching remunerative rates from export,wheat growers in Punjab have held back their crop leading to low arrival in grain markets during ongoing rabi marketing season,a senior official of Punjab Agriculture department said Monday.

“Big and progressive farmers have held back their wheat crop as they think they will get higher rates for their crop from export which has been allowed by the Centre,” Punjab Agriculture Department Director M S Sandhu said.

“Farmers (having big chunk of land) are not bringing crop in mandis which has caused low arrival of crop,” he added.

The Centre had allowed export of 5 million tonnes of wheat from its godowns via private trade in order to evacuate old stock in “overflowing” warehouses.

The Centre had also invited financial bids from private traders for export of nearly one million tonnes of wheat stored in the FCI godowns in Punjab and Haryana.

The base price of wheat to be exported under Open General Licence (OGL) from Punjab and Haryana has been fixed at Rs 1,484 per quintal.

Apprehensions have been expressed over the lower arrival of wheat in Punjab during current procurement season compared to last season.


Against the target of 140 lakh tonne of procurement from Punjab for current season,the actual purchase for central pool is now expected at 120 lakh tonne,FCI official said here.

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