Pune Techie Murder: Why did the firm allow her to work alone on a floor on Sunday, asks Top cophttps://indianexpress.com/article/india/pune-techie-murder-why-did-the-firm-allow-her-to-work-alone-on-a-floor-on-sunday-asks-top-cop-4499832/

Pune Techie Murder: Why did the firm allow her to work alone on a floor on Sunday, asks Top cop

Police Commissioner Rashmi Shukla questions security at Infosys, asks why CCTVs were not monitored.

Infosys employee in Pune murdered by security guard. (File)

The murder of Infosys techie Rasila Raju OP (24) on Sunday by a security guard on duty, identified as Bhaven Bharali Saikiya (27), has yet again raised questions about the security of IT women professionals in Pune, a city that has gained fame as one of the biggest IT hubs in the country. Pune Police Commissioner Rashmi Shukla has questioned the basic security measures at the Infosys campus and their monitoring of the surveillance system of the campus on the background of the shocking murder of Infosys techie.

WATCH VIDEO | Security Guard Arrested In Connection With Murder Of Pune Infosys Employee

Speaking to The Indian Express, Shukla said, “This incident has raised some serious questions about the security arrangements at the campus in particular and that at the workplaces, in general, where women work. I want to ask, why was this girl working alone on a floor on a Sunday? Why were the CCTV footage not being monitored real time and who was responsible for their monitoring? If they had been doing that, the suspicious movements of the security guard could have been identified.

Also, the timing of her work — from 2 pm to 11 pm— are very odd specially when she was alone. Why was no other employee asked to work with her. What about the emergency response to the incident and were the emergency alarms working? These questions have to be answered by the company.”


She added, “Coming to what can we do to avert such incidents, I feel that it is the responsibility of both employees and companies to ensure that these security measures are in place. The women should be asked to work in pairs. The companies should also conduct awareness programmes for their employees to tell them about safety measures. When there are odd working hours, every individual must be trained in self defence and companies should seriously look into these things.”

Anil Patwardhan, President of Hinjewadi Industried Association (HIA) said, “As a part of measures to prevent such incidents, we have been regularly reaching out to member companies about various steps they can take. We also have conducted and plan to conduct more interactive sessions with police and company employees to create awareness. The joint security task patrolling vans are already in place and we will be reaching out to the companies to give more information about them.”

Infosys releases statement after rasila’s death

At Infosys, we are focused and committed to the safety of our employees. Yesterday’s unfortunate incident is a reminder however, that nothing is foolproof, and we are continuing to seek recommendations from different stakeholders on how we can strengthen the safety of our employees at our campuses.

Some of the key security initiatives that we currently have underway at our campuses:

We have a common safety helpline across all our DCs that is manned 24X7, in addition we have an Infosys Emergency App that has been made available to all India locations

We have CCTV coverage across our campuses, and we continuously assess the need to add more surveillance on campuses as we grown in space and size

Entry onto campuses is strictly monitored by security and there is a security presence at each of our buildings

A Safety Committee in each of our Development Centres, reviews safety measures at campuses periodically n We have mandatory background checks for vendor employees, sub-cons, housekeeping staff and rotating vendor staff.

We undertake periodic mail communication to all employees on safety and have several programmes aimed to help employees by providing personal safety tips and self-defense program/sessions

We encourage our employees to leave campus latest before 8pm, and whenever women employees are travelling at night – we ensure that travel arrangements.