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Pune: Grenade like object found on Air Force School premises, diffused

The Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad team diffused the suspicious object around 12 noon. The team found that though the object had an outer appearance that of a grenade, but it was made of plastic.

Pune: Grenade like object found on Air Force School premises, diffused
The inside structure was also not like that of a grenade and was filled with powder resembling that from a firecracker, police have said.

AN object resembling an improvised hand grenade and containing explosive material was found on the premises of the Air Force School at Lohegaon in Pune on Tuesday morning, said police. While the device was defused by the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS), both police and the Indian Air Force (IAF) authorities have launched a probe in the case.

The Pune City Police control room received a call from an IAF officer at 9.25 am after the suspected object was found on a platform on the school playground.

By the time a BDDS team reached the spot at 10.05 am, the school had been evacuated by the Air Force. The school, located at the Air Force Station in Lohegaon, is close to the IAF base and the international airport.

“The BDDS dog indicated the presence of an explosive material on the soil around the object. Explosive vapor detector was used, which confirmed the presence of explosive substance inside the object. After primary conclusion that the object was some type of an improvised hand grenade, the decision to defuse it was taken,” said a senior police officer.


“We have sent the samples of the soil, explosive mixed soil and pieces of the outer body of the object for further analysis. Prima facie, the explosive substance resembles what’s used in firecrackers…,” added the officer.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Branch) Mitesh Ghatte said, “Though the object looked like a grenade, the composition and inner structure was not that of one…”

An IAF official said an inquiry had been launched. “An inquiry will be conducted and a review of the security measures will also be conducted as part of the standard procedure. We are coordinating with local police and the other agencies,” said the officer.

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