Property dealer, Kin murders: ‘Accused tried to frame BSP leader’s neighbour’

Property dealer, Kin murders: ‘Accused tried to frame BSP leader’s neighbour’

Power of attorney for many properties with accused: Cops

INVESTIGATION INTO the murders of BSP leader Munawwar Hassan and five of his family members has revealed that the four contract killers, hired by the alleged mastermind Sahib Khan alias Bunty, came to Delhi on May 17 — three days before Hassan’s murder — and were put up in a two-storey building in Burari that belonged to the victim.
May 17 was also the day Hassan, who had unsuccessfully contested the 2013 assembly election from Badli seat in Delhi, was released on interim bail from Tihar Jail. Bunty was arrested late Sunday night for allegedly orchestrating the murders of 45-year-old Hassan and his family so he could take over the victim’s property and assets worth Rs 2 crore.

He had hired contract killers to commit the crime. While Hassan was shot dead in his house on May 20, his wife and two daughters were killed on April 20 in Meerut and his sons were killed on April 23.

Police have now recorded the statements of three people who stay in the same building where the four contract killers were put up till May 20.

Police have also collected details of Hassan’s 15 properties and discovered that in most, the power of attorney was with Bunty. Police said this could be because Hassan wanted to contest polls and hide his property details. This is also what could have made Bunty allegedly plan the murder, police said.


An officer said Bunty ran running pillar to post to get Hassan out from Tihar, meeting with several policemen to seek their help. “Hassan was released on May 17 and Bunty called the assailants the same day. He then took to a building in Sant Nagar where one room was vacant. They posed as his relatives,” police said.

Police said Bunty promised the contract killers a share in Hassan’s property, and had also paid them Rs 3 lakh each.
“The assailants initially decided to eliminate Hassan outside his home, but they were stopped by Bunty, who informed them about an old rivalry between Hassan and his neighbour over some property matter. Bunty thought he could use this to implicate the neighbour, and before the murder, tried to create conflict between him and Hassan,” police said.

Bunty told police that when Hassan eventually got into an argument with his neighbour on May 19, Bunty tried to escalate the situation and called people to witness the incident.
The next day, four persons went to Hassan’s home and killed him. “In his complaint, Bunty stated that Hassan was found dead on Saturday morning and that he had a fight with his neighbour on Friday night,” police said.

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