With Anna men in ‘war room’, AAP-like ideas on table, Mamata dreams national

Fitted with around 25 computers, the war room is being operated by a 20-odd team.

New Delhi | Updated: March 5, 2014 11:28:29 am

New-Found admirer Anna Hazare beside her, Mamata Banerjee is all set to launch a “Mamata for India” campaign, starting with a “war room” in New Delhi. A modest three-bedroom flat in New Delhi’s 141, South Avenue, is being manned by Hazare’s people, with technical and logistic support from the Trinamool Congress, to plan the campaign for the “alliance” outside West Bengal.

The rented flat is located close to the TMC’s office.

A rally in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan by Mamata and Hazare, possibly in the second week of March, will officially kickstart the  campaign. The idea is to woo the electorate that had come to the site for Hazare’s indefinite fast once.

Fitted with around 25 computers, the war room is being operated by a 20-odd team. It is currently giving the final touches to portals mamata4india.com in English and didi4india.com in Hindi.

Sources said the technical resources have been provided by TMC MP K D Singh.

“Hazare has told Mamata that his Janatantra Morcha has a data base of 12.5 lakh dedicated supporters. The first task of the war room is to call them up and let them know that the TMC and Anna are the same,” said a senior TMC leader.

The recruits will later help verify candidates seeking nominations — a strategy deployed by Hazare’s former protege Arvind Kejriwal. The form will require an “assurance” note from the aspirant that if elected, he/she will help implement Hazare’s 17-point agenda of policy interventions.

One of the focus areas of the alliance is Delhi, with the plan being to emerge as an alternative anti-corruption plank to the Aam Aadmi Party.

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