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West Delhi candidates nervous on eve of polls

For Congress candidate Mahabal Mishra and BJP candidate Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma, the day was all about planning meetings with booth managers.

A day before Delhi goes to polls, candidates in West Delhi seemed all but relaxed. A month of hectic campaigning may have weighed them down, but for some, the eve of polling day seems to be “the real test”.

For Congress candidate Mahabal Mishra and BJP candidate Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma, the day was all about planning meetings with booth managers, while AAP’s Jarnail Singh sent vigilance squads across the constituency to deter any potential distribution of money.

“The real test is today. A month of campaigning has generated positive results. People across the constituency know that they have to choose a leader who will work for them; someone who will bring about a change. But today is when we have to ensure that no one gets wooed the wrong way by being offered liquor and money. We have therefore sent out all our volunteers to jhuggi clusters where they will conduct stings to check for any instances of other parties trying to buy votes through such unfair means,” AAP’s Jarnail Singh said as he set out to meet volunteers.

He greeted his workers and after a short meeting, volunteers set out to individual households. “There is no set strategy. Across the 1,700 booths here, we will spread the same message and that is to tell people that we are honest and that we are different,” an AAP volunteer said.


At 12.30 pm, Mahabal Mishra, a three-time MLA and the sitting MP, finished a meeting with his party workers. “I haven’t planned anything specifically. But it’s the same procedure that we have been following for the past several years. I have instructed my volunteers to set out to ensure there is no bogus voting. If someone is coming with a fake voter ID card, they should be checked thoroughly. All our campaigning strategies over the month will fail if, at the end of the day, things like this are permitted,” Mishra said.

Then, he remembered that he had to offer prayers. “I just realised its late in the afternoon. I haven’t had the time to visit a temple and pray. I have to ensure I have at least 15 minutes to myself,” he said.

Meanwhile, BJP’s Parvesh Verma is confident of a win and had only one instruction for his volunteers. “Just go out and do your best,” he told his workers as he made his way to the temple.

“I usually begin my day with a visit to the temple. I try and make it to the gurdwara as well. I am confident of a win. There are 400 to 500 workers per Assembly segment. They are doing the best. The whole country wants Modi as PM. It is unlikely the results will go elsewhere,” he said.

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