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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sonia calls Modi, BJP ‘habitual liars’ who don’t keep promises

‘What promise hadn’t they made... that they’d turn earth into heaven’.

Written by Mir Ehsan , Arun Sharma | Jammu/srinagar | Published: December 11, 2014 2:38:33 am
Saifuddn Soz’s gift to Sonia, a pheran, during the Anantnag rally. (Source: PTI) Saifuddn Soz’s gift to Sonia, a pheran, during the Anantnag rally. (Source: PTI)

Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday accused Narendra Modi and the BJP of being habitual liars who make promises and don’t fulfil them. The Congress president addressed a rally each in Shangus and in Anantnag.

“They (BJP and Modi) can go to any extent for the sake of power,” she said in her 12-minute address in Anantnag.

“They have no concern for democracy; the welfare of the people is of no value to them. Their policy is only to use people for dividing society.”

She referred to various promises that are being made by BJP leaders during the current polls, and said they don’t intend to fulfil any of them. “What promise had they not made to the people during Lok Sabha elections, making them believe they will turn this earth into a heaven,” she said.

“Achche din are nowhere in sight even six months after their having assumed power. They promised to bring back black money stashed in foreign banks within 100 days and, after that, to break it into shares and deposit Rs 15 lakh in the bank account of every citizen. Now, they refuse even to disclose the names of those whose black money is stashed abroad,” she said.

In Shangus, a constituency in south Kashmir, she blamed the NDA-ruled Centre for neglecting Kashmir during the floods and compared that with the way the Congress government had helped people of the valley after the 2005 earthquake.

“This is the time to address your miseries. This is the time to provide you shelter, food and take care of your daily needs. But the Modi-led central government is paying you no attention. Why are relief efforts moving slowly?”Sonia said. “In times of need, the Congress has always helped people of Kashmir. In 2005, when an earthquake hit the valley, the response from the Centre was fast.”

In Anantnag, she accused the NDA of undoing the UPA’s good work.  She said the UPA government had provided for the supply of lifesaving drugs for TB, cancer and heart ailments on subsidy to the poor, and alleged the Modi government has changed this provision and increased the prices of these lifesaving drugs to benefit a few private concerns. “It appears that they have no concern for the poor,” she said.

“They now intend to even weaken the RTI Act, a powerful tool that the Congress gave the people to fight corruption. The BJP, which had been projecting itself as a crusader against corruption, now wants to weaken it,” she said.

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