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Rahul’s advice to budding politicians – ‘listen to People’

Rahul Gandhi said that his advice to 'budding politicians' is that they should 'just listen to people and ask questions'.

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi,who is on a whistlestop tour of Kerala,said that his advice to ‘budding politicians’ is that they should ‘just listen to people and ask questions’.

Gandhi,who arrived in Kochi from Thiruvananthapuram this afternoon to interact with college students,made an unscheduled visit to the St Teresas women’s college,triggering excitement among students and college authorities.

After a short visit to the Maharajas college,Gandhi took everyone by surprise when he headed for the nearby St Theresas college and addressed students.

When a student,Monisha Titus,a first year MA student wanted to know his advice to ‘budding politicians’,Gandhi said ‘just listen to people and ask questions’.


Dressed in jeans and shirt different from his usual attire of white Kurta and pyjamas,Gandhi was greeted by the students and teachers with a bouquet.

Anagha K P,a third year student,wanted to know why 10th standard CBSE board examinations had been done away with from the next academic year. Gandhi shot back asking why it should not be cancelled.

Gandhi also asked students what reforms they wanted in Indian education system to which several replied that though the system was good,not many from the rural areas were able to access quality education.

When a student pointed that only children of politicians were able to join politics and gain good positions,Gandhi pointed at 36-year-old Meenakshi Natarajan,newly elected Congress MP from Madhya Pradesh.

He said she was a lawyer with no political background and did not have any politician in her family.

Despite that she defeated an eight-time MP,Gandhi said and viewed that more girls should join politics. At the Maharaja’s college,he was asked about the possibility of Kalavati,the Vidarbha widow who shot to limelight after her name was mentioned in Parliament,contesting elections. Gandhi said Kalavati can contest representing any party and she has the right to do the same.

That is not a big thing. Kalavati is one among the lakhs of Kalavatis,he said.

To a query,the Congress general secretary,flanked by NSUI National President Hibi Eden and Meenakshi Natarajan,said his party is giving importance to youths.

In the Lok Sabha,Congress has over 200 MPs of which 45 per cent are below 40,which shows the party has giving importance to youth,he said addressing about 1300 students.