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On second day of fast,Naidu demands all-party meet on Telangana

Chandrababu Naidu contended that people would not accept 'unethical' politics.

Telugu Desam chief N Chandrababu Naidu,who is on a hunger strike to protest splitting of Andhra Pradesh,on Tuesday demanded that an all-party meeting be convened at the earliest to discuss creation of Telangana state.

Chandrababu Naidu to continue his indefinite fast over Telangana formation

He also demanded convening of the Joint Action Committees (JACs) of Telangana and Seemandhra regions to find an amicable solution to the vexed issue.

TDP Chief Naidu begins fast

“This government is going to be there for six months. After that there is no chance of it coming back. How are parties of the future going to settle this problem? What is their commitment? Why can’t you call an all-party meeting at national level,discuss it with everybody? Sort it out amicably,that is what we demand,” Naidu said.

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The former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister was addressing his supporters on the second day of his hunger strike in Andhra Bhavan here.

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Accusing the Congress of having acted solely with the intention of securing political gains,Naidu said,”I am requesting Government of India and the Congress party,you call JAC people,discuss with them. Come out with amicable solution,we will appreciate.”

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He said the government should not make any false promises but clearly state what it is going to do.

Naidu said that no procedure had been followed while deciding on the Telangana issue and action had only been taken with a view to get some seats and votes.

Alleging “match fixing” between the ruling Congress and Jaganmohan Reddy,he said the YSR Congress leader had fasted in jail,which is against rules but the authorities instead of taking action gave morning and evening health bulletins.

“What does it indicate? Clear match-fixing,one side TRS,one side YSR Congress. Sonia Gandhi wanted to get some seats to make her son the Prime Minister. Is it reasonable,is it justified I am asking,” Naidu said.

He contended that people would not accept “unethical” politics.

Responding to attack by Congress General Secretary Digivijay Singh,Naidu questioned his right to target TDP when his own party members were questioning the decision to split the state.

“Even their own CM is opposing. CM,cabinet,central ministers,MLAs,MPs,everybody is opposing. I am asking Digvijay Singh,if you can’t convince your own people,what is the right you are having to accuse us,” he asked.

Explaining why he had chosen the national capital as the venue of his protest,Naidu said the decision on Telangana had been taken in Delhi and the solution also had to come from Delhi.


Naidu said that he had been asked to vacate the place but he would continue to fight for the “noble cause”.

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