Narendra Modi tears into the dynastic politics of Naveen and Rahul, calls Orissa CM ‘nikamma’

Modi said though Naveen has been ruling the State for last 14 years, he has not given anything back.

Rourkela | Updated: April 4, 2014 8:27:49 pm

Tearing into the brand of politics practised by Naveen Patnaik and Rahul Gandhi, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Friday said it was time to throw out dynastic politicians like Naveen who took the people for granted calling dynastic politics the biggest enemy of democracy.

At a rally of over 1 lakh-plus people near Rourkela’s Aerodrome ground this afternoon, Modi said though Naveen has been ruling the State for last 14 years, he has not given anything back. “Fourteen years is a huge amount of time to do work. Sonia ruled for 10 years in Delhi. What has Naveen given back to Orissa? What did you get. This time,” he asked. “This government has taken you for granted. It thinks it has the people of Orissa in its pocket. They think if their forefathers won something, then it would be perpetually theirs. Time has come to punish such people who have looted the country.”

An hour before his Rourkela rally, Modi in a rally at Bolangir and Nuapada district had called Naveen as ‘nikammi’ (useless) and asked the people to throw it out in this election. “Gujarat has no coal, yet it is power surplus. We don’t have diamond or iron ore mines. Yet we have steel companies and out of every 10 diamonds in the world, 7 goes through Gujaratis. Though Orissa has everything but except poverty, Naveen has not given anything to the State,”

Continuing with his attack on Naveen, he said the time was now voters for to choose between kaamdar(hardworking people) and naamdar(elite) politicians. “This is the election where on the one side are people born with golden sppon and on the other side there are people who spent their youth selling tea. I was born in a family of poor. I am your servant,” he said, much to the applause of the crowd.

Modi attacked Sonia Gandhi for the UPA’s failure in ensuring safety and security of women as he slammed her for UPA’s failure in spending a single paise from the Rs 1000 crore Nirbhaya Fund. “Despite not spending anything from the Nirbhaya fund, the UPA govt allocated another Rs 1000 crore in this year’s interim Budget for Nirbhaya fund. Sonia these days speaks of empowering women. How can women would have confidence in such a government. The National Crime Records Bureau recently released the list of top 10 States where women faced maximum atrocities. While none of BJP-ruled States feature sin the list, the top-7 plcaes were taken by Congress governments and the rest 3 were by allies of the party,” he said.

In his Bolangir speech, Gujarat Chief Minister mocked Naveen saying the Orissa CM along with four of his ministerial colleagues, can drive in a Maruti car through the pipeline that his government has built to supply water to the parched Kutch region. “And see what your government has done here. You have all the water sources but people here do not get drinking water,” Modi said.

He said while the western corridor of India buzzed with activities, there was nothing else except poverty in the eastern side like Orissa, Bengal, North-East, Bihar and eastern UP. “Can a body be strengthened if its eastern arm is not developed,” he asked.

Stating that a large number of youths from Odisha move to places like Surat in Gujarat in search of jobs, the BJP leader said large-scale migration takes place due to lack of employment opportunities and infrastructure in the State.

He said Orissa’s long coastline could bring the entire world’s tourism to the State. “Tourism is an industry that can give generate maximum employment for everyine from teaseller to rickshawpuller to hotel owner. It is the only industry where you don’t have to invest much. Once tourism comes, everyone makes money,” he said.

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